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    VGA or DVI Input

    Me too until at the end he says "....I've googled, but everything has DVI or VGA outputs so that keeps popping up. " I guess we'll find out when he comes back.
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    VGA or DVI Input

    My curiosity is killing me.....what is it you're wanting to achieve by INPUTTING DVI or VGA into a NVR? Is it to record something that comes up on a PC screen?
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    Protecting Outdoor Cameras from Lightning

    I feel your pain, sounds much like my past experiences. One day I plan to put 2 or 3 short fiber links with media converters in strategic places creating air gaps in the metallic just to break up my CAT-5e network n the house and limit the damage....oh, it's not a matter of something getting...
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    Roof mounted "inverted" PTZ cam suggestions

    I forgot about those, glad that @WA3PNT suggested those. Not knowing who the vendor is on amazon that you mentioned, please insure it's Empire Tech ( @EMPIRETECANDY ) as he suggested, as he does have a storefront on amazon as well.
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    Roof mounted "inverted" PTZ cam suggestions

    I suggest initially: A conventional PTZ camera such as employed by @master_tinkerer here. A tripod antenna mount (or non-penetrating mount) of the right design/sturdiness for the pipe height .
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    Phone consultation

    I suggest you contact Hometech Video, website here. The owner is a forum member, known as @Dasstrum , and is located in Florida. I'm sure he can set up a phone consult with you. P.S.- Welcome to IPCT ! :)
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    Blue Iris Video Missing

    Hey @Dasstrum , can you shed some light on this?
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    Acquired a i7 usff optiplex. No 3.5" bay. USB to external?

    Lika dis power supply thingy ?
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    Anybody tried getting rid of the plugs?

    I couldn't tell by his first 2 posts. Now I understand.... :cool:
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    Anybody tried getting rid of the plugs?

    So you don't want ANY connector, ANY where? You would prefer to stand on a ladder and solder 8 each 23 gauge or smaller copper conductors to a PCB? :wtf:
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    What's the name of this piece and where can you buy extras?

    Also: You might get the 3/4" plastic ones to fit, as U.S. stores carry U.S. thread (NPT) and most imported camera boxes, including the PFA130E, are "G" (British standard) threads. The thread pitch is different.
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    Simple baby camera without mandatory subscriptions, cloud-use or terrible apps.

    What about using an active POE splitter that outputs 5 VDC @ 2 amps, like this? It includes a tip for the standard 5 volt DC cam connector: 3.5mm outside x 1.35mm inside, center positive, outside negative.
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    What's the name of this piece and where can you buy extras?

    +1^^^. The same store and section likely has the plastic ones as well, maybe even white. If not try Lowes, Ace hardware, etc..
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    Blue Iris and nvr at same time

    Reolink's own site offers little info regarding ONVIF compatibility but a seller on amazon says it is, so take that for what it's worth. I mention this because have you tried ODM ? Put in the IP, user and password and select "live view".