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Andy! i've been dabbing with cameras for almost a year, so much to learn! is this the best way to buy a camera from you? I think i've narrowed it down with the help of several members. I'm interested in purchasing the new 2231T-Z9-S2 i believe, a turret/eyeball varifocal. do you have this in black? my plan is to put it in several other locations to determine what size mm lens i need for the other spot. also need the best mini ptz (29204UE any good?) and full size ptz for super dark area. i live in the country with hardly any light, the full ptz i'm looking at is the 1A225U to point straight up to the sky for skywatching. goal is to purchase about 8 cams, and a good NVR to handle it all, ready to buy the 2231S2 as my first camera. thanks! Mark - Austin TX
Hi there,

Can you give me quote for 2 x IPC-HDW5231R-ZE , 1x Eu Europa DC 12V 2.5A, 1x pfb203w (wall mount) and 1x pfa137 (junction mount) and what can I expect in delivery time (do you have them on stock in germany?)
Hi There, I see from other notes that you wrote a post regarding how to get FOSCAM cameras including hopefully the FI9901EP to work with a Blue Iris system. That message seems to have been written a while ago and I was unable to retrieve it. Could you please send it to me or advise on any info you have? Many thanks.


Just getting started, I’ve got the cable, 2 cameras and a dell t30. Going to use blue iris. Will add more cameras as I go.
Hello Andy,

Salutations from India.

I am facing a bit of problem with getting the best images from IP camera.

To be clear, we haven't procured Cameras from you. However, from reading around in the forum, you have quite a reputation of helping people around here.

Can you help with best setup we can use to get sharp images from videos.. The following is the setup I currently have for the stream :

Stream Type : Pure Video
Resolution : 4CIF (VGA / 720P / 960P / 1080P available)
N/P Mode : PAL
Priority : Quality ( Frame rate available )
Video Quality: Good ( Best /Better / Normal / Poor available )
I-Frame Interval : 50
Encoding Mode : VBR ( CBR available )

Please provide me with your inputs. My goal is to get the best possible images from videos, which helps us with post processing.

Thanks in advance.
I noticed you said you were using the GBF doorbell product with Blue Iris. I am just configuring the same thing. So far it working fine, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get Blue Iris to record audio as well as video?
Hi, can you price a Dahua DH-SD49225IN-HC for me? It looks like there are several versions of this cam. Could you clarify what the differences are?
DH-SD49225IN-HC this one is analog PTZ, not IP Ones. The IP one is SD49225T-HN.
Thanks! Could you price the SD49225T-HN for me?
Hello there, have a question. Got faulty Dahua camera DH-IPC-HDBW4431EP-AS it doesn't boot, not from POE not from power. maybe you know common problems of those, as I would like to try to fix it. Or maybe you have schematics of logic board. thanks

I used Dahua NVR (NVR5232-4KS 2). My IP Camera is hiveiw Camera.. I have 32 channals .

The cameras work, the NVR is working, everything is connected and I can see and record video ok. My only issue at the moment is with the playback.

I am able to see that the video has been recorded, however when I try to click on the timeline to select a particular time to view, the playback always jumps to a completely different time!

If I click 10:00am, it'll start around 10:11am, if I click 11:20am, it'll go to 11:21am etc .

I cannot seek/move on the timeline anywhere between hour marks. It's very frustrating.

Can you help me ? how to fix this issue
From what I know, it's a common issue with non-dahua cameras on a dahua NVR. You can only snap to each hour. You can fast-play 8x in between each hour if necessary.

We had this issue with Geo-vision cameras.
Can I get pricing ship to Arizona, USA for the HDW2231R-ZS, HDW5442TMAS, HFW5231-Z12E. B5442E-ZE (Do you think this camera would work as an LPR approx 60ft distance). Feel free to price an alternative camera if you think it would be better. I have a 3 car wide 30ft long driveway and would like 2 cameras for the corners of the garage door. 1 LPR camera. primary concern is night time identification and LPR. There is a motion led floodlight centered on the garage door, and a decently bright steetlight across the street.
Hallo, könnte ich Dich bzgl dem TFTP Programm kurz was fragen ?

ich habe nun mehrfach versucht meine VTO2000a-c mit TFTP wieder ins Leben zu rufen, leider kommt immer die Meldung:
Client root\failed.txt

Muss ich nun via serieller Schnittstelle an die VTO ?

Dear admin
My DVR password lost
DVR serial no : DS-7108HGHI-F1/N0820190308CCWRC98613659WCVU
so, how can i reset password
plz. help me.
Hi Jack, I just saw your reply in the forum from a while back. So did you update your Swann 7300 to the 7400 firmware? Is that required to get the RLC-410 camera to work with the Swann 7300? You mentioned you deleted a password, is that a password for the camera? Where would I find that? Any help appreciated, Thanks, Jeff Woodin (