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    need monitored home security using zwave

    I run home assistant with zwave contact switches and motion sensors, works great. I self monitor, in my city the monitoring company has to verify before they even call the police. When the state of the alarm panel changes me and my wife get a notification on our phones. If the system is...
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    Blue Iris cameras in home assistant.

    Is anyone displaying their cameras in home assistant instead of using the BI web page? If so how are you doing it?
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    Email Alerts

    makes sense, it won't let me set it to .02, it defaults to 0 and unchecking the timer box you would think would honor the images every x seconds setting, but it doesn't seem to.
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    Alexa Guard

    thats how you configure the dash buttons haha.
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    Alexa Guard

    "they" already know everything they want about you, privacy is gone bro, been gone for a long time.
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    Recommendations for Linux Friendly POE camera system?

    chinese pirate windows like crazy.
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    Email Alerts

    My email alerts used to send tons of emails when they were triggered by motion, now I am triggering them with my security system only. That part works fine but I only receive about 3 emails. per camera. They do appear to follow the break time setting. Is this normal? I'd think I'd get constant...
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    New Ring Alarm System 199

    You are wrong. You don't have to build the keypad, you can display it on anything with a browser, you can monitor it yourself, just as good as any monitoring station, tell me how many people don't have their phone with them 24/7 and it's more flexible than that legacy crap will ever be. I can...
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    New Ring Alarm System 199

    Been using home assistant for a few weeks now, best home automation/security system in existence right now.
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    Tell us about your home automation!

    I made it work without SSL on the lan
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    Tell us about your home automation!

    do you have mosquito running with SSL? If so can you tell me how to use node red to send commands to BI? I'm stuck.
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    Setting schedules via MQTT?

    I just enabled this, I have home assistant with node red and mqtt, do you know how to configure mqtt to send commands to BI? I am using ssl in my MQTT server.
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    anyone using wink node-red?

    have you gotten regular node red to work with BI at all?
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    We had a thief.. And now I want a better system

    also could get some of those driveway guardians or whatever from harbor freight, set up motions sensors outside, put the box inside somewhere so you can hear it when the sensor is triggered, I'm sure there is a way to rig them up to a home automation system too to do all sorts of crazy things.
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    home assistant and hivision

    Anyone using the hikvision cube camera with their home assistant? it doesn't seem to be sending motion to HA even though I have checked off notify security station.