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    Windows Update and now nothing works

    I just Windows Updated my Windows 10 Pro from v1909 to v2004. BI v5.2.6.5 continues to work. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    Windows Update and now nothing works

    I'm on v1909 and BI5 works. Did you Windows Update to v2004? Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    Blue Iris Update Helper (BiUpdateHelper)

    Slightly different message from MalwareBytes: Do we know what in the code triggers these false positives? I get them (different message) for some modules in WinZip too. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    Animals and BI

    Ring has settings for detecting people. I might try it to see how well it does. I do get an occasional crow or two triggering motion at my front door right now. Once, it recorded a rat trying to climb my security screen door at night. [emoji38] Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    how are you updating camera firmware while using BI?

    I don't upgrade firmware on 1 of my outdoor subpar cameras because DLink is no longer putting out firmware updates for the DCS 2330L. My 2nd sub-par camera is a driveway lightbulb camera that is based on V380. I need to email their tech support with my current version. They may send me a file...
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    Haven't updated my 5 install for awhile, what's a safe version right now?

    I was at v5.0.2.1 (yeah, I know: never updated since v4 to v5 upgrade) Updated to today (5/18/2020) with 1-click (Settings, Check For Update) : Sent using Tapatalk
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    Blue Iris Update Helper (BiUpdateHelper)

    Does v1.8 work under Windows 10 Pro v1909? I get an error message box that says the executable won't work with this version of Windows, and to contact the software publisher. Command line invocation returns "Access Denied". Update: Norton flagged/quarantined it. Normally, the .exe would be...
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    The rant against Ring

    Caught, by Ring doorbell cam: Amazon delivery man spits on package in footage caught on Ring camera Sent using Tapatalk
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    V380 cam cloud service

    Times must be tough out there for them to drop it to $0.01: Sent using Tapatalk
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    Western Digital Purple Micro Cards vs others?

    I just got my replacement 32GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card in the mail today. [emoji846] Sent using Tapatalk
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    tinyCam Cloud - yet another cloud service for RTSP, Wyze Cams, Neos SmartCams, P2P

    I have tinyCam Pro. I also have a RTSP enabled V380 cam V380 cam cloud service Why is your cloud service for RTSP cams more expensive than for some other cams? Sent using Tapatalk
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    Western Digital Purple Micro Cards vs others?

    I don't recall them asking for such information: Online RMA Request Sent using Tapatalk
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    Western Digital Purple Micro Cards vs others?

    My 32GB SanDisk Ultra just died, after 4 years inside an outdoor sub-par security cam. It had a 10 year warranty, so I RMA'ed it for a replacement. (I doubt the cam will outlast the next sd card) Sent using Tapatalk
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    V380 cam cloud service

    Anyone here using a V380 cam with their cloud service? How's it working for you? My V380 cam works with BI 5 (after a firmware update to enable RTSP), so I am hesitant to update firmware when their cloud subscription process reports "Too low firmware version. Please update firmware". (OK...
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    Amazon Package Thiefs

    License plate recognition might help? Theft of the package Sent using Tapatalk