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    Carpal tunnel

    I hear ya. For me, add the finger also that's between the pinky and the middle. It's improved since last year by sleeping with it under right butt cheek or thigh, fully open, palm up. My weight keeps it from closing the fingers. When it clenches into ball or fist during the night it's bad the...
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    Carpal tunnel

    Me too but it's 3 fingers...from 31 years of lots of crimping, cutting with dikes, side cutters, and gripping/pulling cables, wires, ropes, conduit bender handles and.......the head of one of my co-workers because it was always up his a$$ . :lol:
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    Webcam - limit data usage per IP address?

    Welcome to IPCT ! :wave: I don't know about a camera with that ability, perhaps someone else does, but.... If you can have a suitable PC at the site to be a server for Blue Iris (a very inexpensive and flexible VMS software) a user can be allowed access only during a particular time of the...
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    Just Felt A Strong Earthquake Jolt Here In Southern California

    FWIW, I lived in Nor Cal in San Jose and Santa Clara from '74 to '04, recall vividly the Loma Prieta earthquake, a 6.9 near Santa Cruz on Oct. 17, 1989. That was a pretty bad one. :(
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    No live display in ANY browser?

    According to Amcrest here under the article on the left entitled "Amcrest Google Chrome WebUI Instructions": "To view your Amcrest device using Google Chrome you will need to have access the Amcrest Web View App. This is accessible via the chrome web store."
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    Alarm output NC or NO via wired connection into Camera to trigger BI alerts?

    @bignose3 , It's been almost a month's it going with you, BI and Shelly? :cool:
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    SeaLevel USB device SeaDac Lite 8112 integration with BI5

    Do you already have the SeaLevel devices? If not, you can also use a $20 Shelly1 wi-fi switch to receive a HTTP command from Blue Iris (BI "output") or to send a HTTP command to Blue Iris (BI "input"). Use 2 Shelly1's to do both as I did here ==>> Simple Blue Iris I/O using Shelly1 Wi-Fi Devices...
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    US Elections 2020+ (& Politics) :)

    I fixed it for ya: :headbang: "....You want to be afraid of some old, rich, white men crooked assholes, well here they are!"
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    Is this a stuck IR filter problem

    +1^^. Since it's a mechanical filter it's subject to expansion/contraction from temp changes, corrosion from condensation, etc. Hopefully the VERY infrequent sharp whack to cure it won't become every day or permanent.
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    Can't add hi-look ipc d121h m

    You are entering the cam's IP address, username and password, right?
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    Satelite Internet Connection

    I have. Tried it with AT&T mobile hotspot and with AT&T Fixed Wireless and neither will allow remote access conventionally for the reason I stated in post #2 which was re-stated above by @Left Coast Geek: most cellular ISP's, either mobile or fixed, employ CGNAT and therefore do not provide a...
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    Tropical Storm Nicholas

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    Tropical Storm Nicholas

    Glad ya'll are OK.
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    wow, , , IPCAM works. The amcrest forum won't send an email. Howdy to the Forum.

    Welcome to IPCT ! :wave:
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    Poor fellow had no idea his Zoom account was spoofed

    Kaitlyn down in lower left window is having a hard time keeping it together! :lmao: