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  1. Optimus Prime

    New IR Icon in app?

    I’ve never seen this icon before. The IR light with the letter A. Is this new to BI5? What does it signify?
  2. Optimus Prime

    UI3: Larger PTZ buttons

    Hi guys. Is there a setting allowing the PTZ buttons in the UI3 interface to be larger?
  3. Optimus Prime

    Bought wrong computer, need more drive bays

    I meant to by a HP SFF…accidentally bought a MicroTower (HP ProDesk 600 G4 MT). It is a perfectly good machine, but it’s too big for the space I intended for it to live. Since I’m stuck with it, I want to put a couple of extra hard drives in it. I can put one in the 5.25" ODD slot, but there...
  4. Optimus Prime

    Temporary pause in the app

    Hiya. Is there a way to pause alerts and notifications temporarily? Say, set it to back to the green light after 2 hours?
  5. Optimus Prime

    Camera Power Usage - should I be using more?

    Hiya. I used a POE power meter and checked out the power usage of my cams. The daytime wattage number is as expected; the night time wattage numbers are surprisingly low. Should I be happy about this? Or should I be using more power and getting brighter IR lights out of my cameras? It is...
  6. Optimus Prime

    New to managed switches

    I need to buy an additional POE switch for my toys. It looks like I can save room in my rack using a 1U enterprise grade switch instead of buying another dumb switch. I've not used a managed switch before. There seem to be some great deals out there. Can y'all tell me of any gotchas I need to...
  7. Optimus Prime

    Rails for 2 Post Racks

    I installed a 2 post wall I I want to install rails for a 4U case and a shelf. Without posts in the back, do I need to bolt the back of the rails to the plywood, or can I go without and rely on the front rail bolts to hold the rails? Thanks for your feedback. If anyone in DFW has a...
  8. Optimus Prime

    Sending events from camera to Blue Iris

    Hi guys. Can you point me to the post or wiki article on how to trigger Blue Iris using the camera’s built in events?
  9. Optimus Prime

    Need substitute for SD1A404XB in doorway

    I mounted my SD1A404XB. After feedback from my wife, I moved if further back into the door way. In this position, it's features are wasted. I'm going to move it to the backyard and use it for critter patrol around the pool. Does anyone have a favorite, low profile camera? I'm not interested in...
  10. Optimus Prime

    Separate NICs vs NIC with two IP addresses

    Hiya. I've managed to get OpenVPN setup and are ready to take of some more housekeeping. I noticed in the Wiki it said there should be two separate NICs. I currently have one NIC, but it has 2 IP addresses - the local network, and machines on the same network with a different IP scheme for the...
  11. Optimus Prime

    Hacked or bad programming?

    I caught this out of the corner of my eye when I logged into my Dahua HDW5231RP-Z...Is this a message telling me I've got bugs? Or just bad programming in the login function. I filmed it in 240 slo mo...
  12. Optimus Prime

    Using Coax Seal Tape

    When using Coax Seal Tape, to ensure I don't ruin the cable jackets later when I want to take it off, should I pre-wrap the connection in something else first? Or will I be able to get it off without issue later? Thank you for your feedback.
  13. Optimus Prime

    Watched threads

    Hi. Is there a way to pull up the threads I am watching...I cannot seem to find the link...
  14. Optimus Prime

    2u short depth rack case with front hit swap drive bays

    Hiya guys. Have any of you found a short depth 2u rack mount case with front mounted hot swap bays? Front mounted USB 3.0 would by a nice accessory on it as well. Looking for less than $150.
  15. Optimus Prime

    Small, non dome outdoor IR PTZ

    Is there a small, outdoor rated PTZ with IR that is not a dome?
  16. Optimus Prime

    Dell Form Factor Sizes

    Does anyone have a link that clearly defines the Dell Form Factors? What is the smallest form factor that will hold an SDD and a 3.5” drive? I cannot tell of the Small Form Factor will accommodate both. Thanks for your help.
  17. Optimus Prime

    Junction boxes and rain

    I just fried my Dahua SD59225U-HNI ($500) when the tornadoes came through the Dallas area, water got into the junction box. I thought it was sufficiently sealed, and I had wrapped the connection with electrical tape. Had I not tightened the cable gland, the water would have drained out. How...
  18. Optimus Prime

    Low south westerly

    I had not considered the height of the sun for a turret and PTZ I installed facing due South West... Turret, LTS CMIP3042 PTZ, Dahua SD59225U-HNI What do you do on this situation? Use a bullet with an overhang? Mount a shield over the top of the camera? Thank you for your considerations.
  19. Optimus Prime

    Electrical Chime with Video Doorbell

    Has anyone successfully installed a HSDB1 or other Hikvision clone video doorbell with with an Electrical Chime? I work with no issues if I hook up a mechanical chime, but I'd really prefer to keep my Electrical Chime. Thanks for your feedback...
  20. Optimus Prime

    Current small PTZ favorites

    Good morning. I finally have my POE runs installed. I've decided to swap out some of my existing cameras. What are the current small PTZs? I'm hoping to find some option roughly around the size of my turrets. I already own a SD59225U-HNI ..kinda pushing my luck with my wife, so not looking...
  21. Optimus Prime

    SODIMMs vs DIMMs and Performance

    I'm ready to move to a dedicated BI machine. Is there a performance difference between SODIMMs and regular sized DIMMs? Also, is there a thread where the good deals of the day are being posted? Each time I go look, I cannot find 6th gen i7, with OS, and room for 2 drives, for the great prices...
  22. Optimus Prime

    Bulkhead cable glands

    For my hobby cameras in the back yard, I was considering these bulk head glands and passthrough because I could take cameras up and down, swap them out and pull off the cable on a whim. But at $20 per cable end, they are getting expensive. Does any one else use these? Or should I just use RJ45...
  23. Optimus Prime

    Fried at connector troubleshooting

    I was testing a camera, went inside and it got caught in a sudden downpour. Fried it at the pigtail. When I plug it in via POE, or without POE using a 12 DC power pack, I get activity lights on the switch, but it doesn't seem to be connecting. What's the order of troubleshooting once I take...
  24. Optimus Prime

    3.5" square pole mount suggestions

    Trenches are dug and conduit is laid. Now I'm thinking about mounts. I did not fully consider the diameter of my turrets when I chose the 3.5” x 3.5” pole. The pole isn't going anywhere at this point, so I need to make it work. Could y'all give me mounting suggestions? I have 2 Starlights...
  25. Optimus Prime

    PCI Compliance and authentication outside the network

    Does anyone have experience with installing systems that allow authentication outside the network for streams and retrieval? Our franchisees must pull a separate ISP circuit just for their cameras because we do not allow inbound connections on the managed network. Seems like all of their...
  26. Optimus Prime

    Outdoor POE switch in Texas

    I'm having an electrician run power to the back corner of my yard, and are having him also run a data cable as well. I'd actually like to put 3 cameras on the pole, plus "hobby" stuff when I get around to playing with it Primary: SD59225U-HNI (23 watts) aka CritterCam and Pool Security...
  27. Optimus Prime

    With Internal POE +USD8

    Hi. If a camera spec says “With Internal POE +USD8”, should I infer it’s got POE built-in? Or will I need to install a module? I’m looking at a PT5AM22XH500. I bought a previous model for $100 and have been happy with it for the price. I haven’t been able to find a 20x camera for less than $600...
  28. Optimus Prime

    Replace PIR Sensor with Camera

    I bought a couple of compressed air deterrents to keep our cats out of a room. I picked up two of these: PetSafe SSSCat The PIR sensors do not seem sensitive enough to catch my black Cat... He's too fast and has learned to hurriedly jump passed the cans...when he isn't so in-tuned with the...
  29. Optimus Prime

    i5-4590 vs i5-3470

    With 4GB of RAM and an SSD, how much difference would I notice between a i5-4590 vs i5-3470 running BI? Shoud I save the $70 difference? This will be dedicated home rig. Currently, I run 3 2 MP cameras on my Kaby lake machine with no issues. Will add 4 more 2-4MP cameras.
  30. Optimus Prime

    Camera Install Vendors

    I've been asked to look source a few camera vendors for an RFP. Say, 30 systems. Can anyone provide recommendations? I need them to provide hardware and install services...but likely do not need them to pull cable.