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    Remote Viewing Dahua NVR, help needed.

    Hi all, I recently setup a new Dahua NVR 4208 model. I can remotely view via iDMSS Lite or Easy Viewer Lite but no through Guarding Expert for some reason. Cam Model IPC-HDBW4431F-AS all purchased from Andy. I have 8 different retail locations and i have various NVR's through my stores...
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    Seeking cost effective IP camera system setup. Help needed choosing

    Hello all, I currently have a retail business inside of a mall with an old analog CCTV system that is in desperate need of upgrading but i am on a tight budget. Current system 6 Camera 8 Channel analog (BNC) 600TVL. Wants for new system, interested in DAHUA as i have had good experience in...