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  1. Bubs

    Issue with my clip setting

    this my setting what am I doing wrong thanks in advance Blue iris is installed on C: is a 500G SSD D:\BlueIris\db D:\BlueIris\New Size limited is 899 is 1 tb SSD (move to stored) H:\BlueIris\stored Size limited is 3512 is 4 tb drive (move to stored e)...
  2. Bubs

    Giving access to select cameras

    I want some remote users to only access selected cameras how do I do this
  3. Bubs

    Setting up a vlan with Bi

    Hay please take a look at what I got so far and tell me if it will work and where I should connect VPN sever and lastly if leave the WIFI on the gateway turned on what access to the network would it have (talk about run on sentence) I will be using a Netgear ProSafe Smart Switch #GS724TP...
  4. Bubs

    color night vision

    Is this all "snake oil" I thought Laview camera were just rebranded Nikvision cameras
  5. Bubs

    DS-2cd2342WD-I password issues Firmward V5.5.0 17026

    When I log into the web interface my password works when I try to log inform my NVR is says the password is incorrect when I try connect from onfvid viewer it tell be the cam is lock try in 30 minutes any Ideas
  6. Bubs

    up dated BI and bouth CPU and Memory usage jumped up

    anyone have this issues ?
  7. Bubs

    POE swithch advise

    Thanks encouragement help I have started down Blue Iris paths I now have POE question Currently have 8 port BV gigabit Switch with 130 power budget and I need mover POE ports (as will no longer be using the POE ports in my NVR) Should I replace it with a BV-Tech 18 Port PoE+ Switch (16 PoE+...
  8. Bubs

    IR light v Higher MP cam

    I search for the answer my question before I asked it if I missed it please direct me to it Popular opinion is 2m cam proved better low light performance (I think this is correct) my questions is I add additional IR lighting can I get the best of both worlds using 4 or 6 MP cam?
  9. Bubs

    where is nayr

    Have not seen an post from him in awhile he was always very helpful and informative. Hope everything is ok
  10. Bubs

    IPC-HDW5231R-Z 2MP VS PC-HDW5231R-ZE 2MP any reason not to save $20?

    At one time they were the same price with E being the newer of the two now the E has dropped in price and is $20 cheaper and reason not to get the E and save $20? Andy's prices IPC-HDW5231R-Z 2MP $171.94 IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 2MP...
  11. Bubs

    Trouble connection to BI use app

    I connect my to VPN server (IPsec) and I'm able to access the BI web interface using and I phone 7 on Verizon I attempt connect via the Mobil app and get "unable to connect check server address", but wait there more if connect my VERIZON phone to a different data source ie mobile hot spot on...
  12. Bubs

    what compression to use 264 or 265? smartcode why or not why

    what compression to use 264 or 265? smartcode why or not why
  13. Bubs

    looking to make the jump to BI

    Currently have a rebranded Dahua 16 ports POE running a mix of 4m and 2m and currently one 5M and one 8m for total of 14 cams Looking to go to BI and an the end of the day I will be running 21 cams with same mix descripted ready. I have a I7 7700K system, windows 10 pro OS running on M3 SSD...
  14. Bubs

    Anyone know the most cost effect way to send a defective cam back to andy

    Andy has graciously agreed that I could return a defective camera but I’m trying to find a cost-effective way to do it Andy send me his address I’m not sure how it matches up with US labels anybody got to goby and a good way to ship it Thanks
  15. Bubs

    Varifocal Turret (IPC-HDW5231R-Z) not working right

    Just received from Andy Does not seem to be working properly I want know if it is me or if I have a bad cam It connects for a few minutes then drops very hard to log it to
  16. Bubs

    IPC-HFW5231E-Z firmware update

    any Idea where I can get firmware update bought it from Andy
  17. Bubs

    look for Advise on a buy a new NVR

    I looking buy a New NVR strong preform I'm will to pay more to get the best any suggest 32 ports/16 POE 4k Most my cams are Dahua or rebrand Dauua (laview) I also have few HIkvision as well What do you think is the best and why Thanks Bubs
  18. Bubs

    Self sealing silicone tape to seal ethernet connection

    Has anyone used self sealing silicone tape to seal/waterproof ethernet connections