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    Has anyone cloned 3 monitors in windows 10

    Glad it finally worked out. I know how frustrating it can be figuring this stuff out. I spent many hours trying to figure my problem out and refused to accept it wouldn’t work. It’s the best feeling when you finally get it working and you get to walk around doing your George Jefferson strut.
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    Has anyone cloned 3 monitors in windows 10

    Can you swap the ports you plugged them into? Is the 20” monitor plugged into 1 on the splitter and the other 2? Try reversing them and plug the 20” into port 1 and the other 2. Leave it on and see if it fixes itself in a couple of minutes.
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    Has anyone cloned 3 monitors in windows 10

    Which one did you get? Does it have jumpers to change on it? Mine had a learning mode setting. I’ll see if I can find my instructions to see the steps I took. The first cheaper splitter I bought claimed to have EDID and said that it will take the settings from whatever is plugged into 1 and...
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    Has anyone cloned 3 monitors in windows 10

    The different refresh rate and resolutions between your computer screen and TV would cause this. You need an HDMI splitter with EDID like the one I mentioned. It has jumpers for learning mode. It will take the signal from your pc monitor and then your TV and find a setting they can both handle.
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    Has anyone cloned 3 monitors in windows 10

    There are many HDMI splitters out there, some cheap and some a little pricier as I'm sure you've noticed. I recently had to buy an HDMI splitter for a setup I was doing that had one cable box splitting to two TVs but one was a 23" computer monitor and the other was a 50" TV. In this case, you're...
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    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    I have the EZVIZ DB1 and was able to connect it to my Hikvision NVR. I logged into the EZVIZ app with my Hikvision account and can see all cameras in both the Hik-Connect and EZVIZ apps. I like the EZVIZ app better for the doorbell. The issue I have is I had motion alerts being saved to a memory...
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    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    Thanks for the info. They’re not totally identical, the top lens looks different but that might just be aesthetics. I realize it’s not ONVIF compliant but do you have an RCA NVR and if so are you able to record to it? I read in some other comments that RCA owners cant record to RCA NVR’s. I have...
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    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    If they’re technically the same camera, is the difference in price with the RCA being cheaper because you’re saying the RCA is locked down with their firmware? Do you know if the RCA would work with a Hikvision NVR or if the EZVIZ version would?
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    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    What's the difference between this camera and the new EZVIZ DB1 doorbell which looks slightly different with the same specs...
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    NSC-DB1 vs NA-KB6013-WIP

    I ordered the KB6013 from B&H who kept sending me email updates that it's not in stock yet. When I asked them a couple of weeks ago if they're still expecting it to be in stock some time soon they replied yes. They just contacted me today saying Hikvision told them they will not be releasing...
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    Hik connecting DS-KB6003-WIP Wifi Door Cam to 7616NI-E2

    Where can I buy a USA upgradeable Hikvision wifi doorbell?
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    Excellent customer service!

    I'm new to security cameras and have been lurking this forum for a while soaking up all the knowledge. I finally pulled the trigger in the beginning of this year and bought a couple of cameras with an NVR from Nelly's. I never post but felt the need to do so because of the excellent customer...
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    Hikvision live view not working when accessed on browser

    Just throwing an idea out there but have you tried adding the link to your camera to the I.E. Compatibility list to see if that works? Or to the safe sites?
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    Where to purchase DS-2CD2442FWD-IW cube?

    Is the 4mp Cube camera only available overseas? The only sites I see selling it are not Hikvision approved sellers and I don't want to deal with not being able to update the firmware. Hikvision USA doesn't show it listed on their site but Hikvision Europe has it. What's the deal with this camera?
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    Good source to buy IP items at

    I would like a catalog.