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  1. bp2008

    My Mouse Died

    I was in my crawlspace last week installing a fiber optic cable, and I guess a mouse got in because it kept showing up in my water line camera every day or two. I put in a trap this morning, and this evening, I got it. I almost got it twice!!
  2. bp2008

    Review: Dahua IPC-HDW5442TM-AS (Loryta IPC-T5442TM-AS) (4MP Starlight+)

    Hello, everyone! @EMPIRETECANDY reached out to me a few months ago, wanting to send me one of the new 4MP Starlight+ cameras to test and review, and I happily agreed. Thanks, Andy! I asked for a wide angle IR turret, so this review features the 2.8mm lens version of the camera...
  3. bp2008

    The problem with bullets

    An old Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I. The previous night there was no sign of a spider.
  4. bp2008

    Kittens playing ❤️

  5. bp2008

    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    Blue Iris 5 was released on May 31, 2019. This is a guide for how to upgrade from Blue Iris 4 to Blue Iris 5. When following this procedure, your existing Blue Iris 4 license key will be upgraded to a Blue Iris 5 license and you will not receive a new Blue Iris 5 license key. Step 0) Consider...
  6. bp2008

    Following this week's trend

  7. bp2008

    Hyper-threading CPU tests

    Lately I have been telling people that CPUs with hyper-threading suffer reduced performance when their CPU usage is over 50%, but I've never had real data demonstrating this. Today I put together a program to benchmark and test this theory. The results are interesting, and not exactly what I...
  8. bp2008

    Are there any higher-zoom turret cameras yet?

    My IPC-HFW5231E-Z5 bullet managed to get a little moisture into the camera body. A few days ago an icicle formed on the front and I suspect this somehow channeled water to a weak point in the waterproofing because right now there is condensation inside the glass directly in front of the lens...
  9. bp2008

    IPC-HFW4239T-ASE (Full Color Starlight) as a weather cam

    The Old Champion For several years I have run an old Olympus SP-500UZ camera as a "weather cam" pointed out a bedroom window. This is an inexpensive handheld camera from 2006, with a 6 megapixel CCD and the ability to capture 60-second long exposures via a USB interface with a Windows...
  10. bp2008

    Dahua IPC-HFW1831E (2018 low light 4K) vs IPC-HDW4421C (Chinese 4MP)

    At last, I have upgraded my two Chinese-region 4 megapixel cameras to the new IPC-HFW1831E which is Dahua's new 1/1.8" 8 megapixel camera, and I have some comparison snapshots to show off. I would not draw too many conclusions from the difference in color saturation, as these cameras were never...
  11. bp2008

    My full color starlight captured a BIG meteor trail!

    I just happened to notice this in my clip list. Happened this morning!
  12. bp2008 changes group webcast FPS to 10

    A few days ago I suggested to Blue Iris support that the default "Max FPS" for group webcast streams be increased to 15 since the old default of 5 FPS is really low and people notice it looks choppy. The developer decided on 10 FPS instead, and applied the change retroactively to all camera...
  13. bp2008

    IPC-EW5431-ASW (4MP Fisheye)

    Feb. 13 2018, just before the start of Chinese New Year, I ordered one Dahua IPC-EW5431-ASW for about $127 from "Dahua Franchised Store" on aliexpressto be my new driveway overview camera. The seller reminded me of the holiday and noted the camera would not ship for a few weeks as a result...
  14. bp2008

    AMD Versus Intel

    I've had an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X for quite a while now and have been putting off testing Blue Iris on it. Yesterday my Intel I7-8700K arrived, and this gave me just the excuse I needed to compare their performance. Predictably, Intel destroys AMD when hardware acceleration is enabled (Blue Iris...
  15. bp2008

    Anyone running 8th gen Intel without memory leak problems in Blue Iris?

    I've been considering an upgrade from my i7-3770K to i7-8700K so I can crank up frame rates, but it seems like people have been having trouble finding a graphics driver that works with 8th generation but doesn't suffer the damned memory leak. 8th Gen I7-8700 Intel Graphics 630 -100% CPU issue...
  16. bp2008

    Don't upgrade BI to (unstable). is out and okay is highly unstable on my system. I've notified the developer. Update: is out and fixed the problem.
  17. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    The Blue Iris web interface has gotten a refresh! UI3 comes with Blue Iris 4.7.3 or newer, first released April 20, 2018. It should be the default web interface in all browsers except Internet Explorer. If it isn't coming up, you can load it manually by opening this path in your web...
  18. bp2008

    New i5-equivalent dell Xeon servers: $330

    Dell PowerEdge T30 Mini Server: Intel Xeon E3-1225, 1TB HDD $329 + Free Shipping I haven't looked too deeply into this but I'm fairly certain it has quick sync video and would be equivalent to a good i5 system. Except it is new, not even refurbished. It would make a great Blue Iris server for...
  19. bp2008

    2017 Solar Eclipse

    This one isn't mine (my brother actually took this photo), but it is too great to not share. Not photoshopped at all.
  20. bp2008

    Blue Iris power consumption experiments

    I have my Blue Iris server connected to an Ubiquiti mFi mPower Pro now, which measures power consumption, so I ran some tests. System #1 i7-3770K (stock speed) 16 GB RAM 1x SSD 4x HDD Nvidia GTX 950 GPU (only to facilitate 4K@60hz output) Blue Iris load of 635 MP/s, motion detecting It is a...
  21. bp2008

    Web Power Switch price increase

    Some of you may know about the Web Power Switch by Digital Loggers. 8 remotely switchable outlets for $130. A couple months ago apparently the price went up to $195 (a 50% price hike). They're also launching a new "Pro" model of web power switch that includes wifi (why the hell would I want...
  22. bp2008

    A new z-wave controller hub

    For several years I have been using z-wave controllers from Mi Casa Verde / Vera Control, Ltd. to manage and control my z-wave devices. For nearly 3 years I used a VeraLite and was mostly happy with it. Then its z-wave module failed suddenly, never to work again. I replaced it with a...
  23. bp2008

    Blue Iris Update Helper (BiUpdateHelper)

    I have built a simple tool to help with Blue Iris updates. In a nutshell, it automatically builds an archive of update files for you, saving a copy of each update just after Blue Iris installs it. This tool solves two common problems: Reverting to previous versions. Often, people install...
  24. bp2008

    Replaced Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I with Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z

    I replaced another one of my Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I cameras (3 megapixel bullet with 4mm lens). Its replacement is one of the much-adored Dahua Starlight Varifocal Turret (IPC-HDW5231R-Z) For now, I'm using the starlight camera fully zoomed out, which makes it a little wider than the original...
  25. bp2008

    Dahua day/night switch utility - DahuaSunriseSunset

    I wanted to use stronger noise reduction at night and weaker during the day, but Dahua seems to have made a mess of the profile management. There doesn't seem to be a way to have the camera switch automatically between Day and Night profiles when the camera changes between "Color" and "Black &...
  26. bp2008


  27. bp2008

    Looking for a decent WIDE angle camera

    I have a wide angle (2.8mm) Hikvision camera on my garage that acts mostly as an overview (I have much tighter zoomed cams for anything detail oriented). I put this camera on my bedside monitor so I can see whats out there if something makes a noise at night. I previously, and briefly, used a...
  28. bp2008

    Feed two PoE cameras with one network cable

    Update March 31, 2017 It turns out this method of sharing the network cable isn't as great as I thought. For a while, I've been noticing dropped frames and occasional video corruption from one of the cameras I had sharing a network cable this way. It turns out the cameras are interfering with...
  29. bp2008

    Winter is definitely here

    This is what I get to look at until spring. Weather report shows 2 cloudy days in the next 2 weeks, and snow on all the rest. Captured with: DH-IPC-HFW4800EN (4K 1/2.3" bullet)
  30. bp2008

    (on sale for $234) FLIR TCX T4325BN Thermal IP camera

    The cameras listed here have been discontinued and are no longer available from lorextechnology.com. These thermal cameras are currently on sale (as of March 29, 2017) at much lower prices than usual, in case anyone has been considering one. Note the coupon code SAVE10 as advertised on the...