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    Motion everywhere... :(

    but the IVS tripwire is working for you on the camera now, correct? if so , open the suppoort case with synology as a starter.
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    Motion everywhere... :(

    Has everyone opened support cases on the IVS events not being natively picked up, especially for timeline ? I am thinking if there is a ground swell of cases maybe they (synology) will look at fixing it.
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    Motion everywhere... :(

    will have to check in a bit what I still have running there. edit* maybe it's not working on generic dahau onvif, and only works on the supported models. or it doesn't work at all and I'm just not recalling stuff correctly.
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    Motion everywhere... :(

    @Sammy0815 , I have a synology to and while it's not my main thing, I do have some testing setup with it. I thought IVS should work with it, even with generic dahua ONVIF. do you have the smart codec shut off ? (at the camera for starters) or do you have IVS working on the camera just not...
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    Recommendations for a NAS or opinion on AC68U using USB storage

    I'll be curious your thoughts on it after a a month of two of using it.
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    Recommendations for a NAS or opinion on AC68U using USB storage

    there are a lot of reviews of this comparison on youtube. figure out what the critical functions for you and maybe start watching videos of the reviews of them in the price ranges you were thinking of. my general notes. qnap is usually less expensive. qnap usually has newer/more powerful...
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    Type of Camera and placement (no eve)

    in the lower right corner of the image you have what I think are solar powered LEDs on the fence , sourced probably from amazon, if i'm seeing it right. how do you like them ? how long have you had them ?
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    Andy’s fancy cameras install

    did WDR or BLC help ?
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    Amazon Prime Day deals (security cam related)

    @morelup i've used some of these amazon exclusive Samsung SD ones in my 5231s the $19.49 for the 128GiB seems slightly better...
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    Best Low Light cameras- POE-suggestions?

    Look at the IPC-HFW8232E-Z, I can personally confirm it does better than the 5231 in low light. Sensor size matters. If you have cash burning hole in your pocket, the DH-IPC-HF8835FN would also be a step up from there. I don't have one of these, but they were reviewed on this site.
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    @EMPIRETECANDY is there a "190325" or newer firmware release for these model cameras ?
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    I installed camera reports as 2.640.0000004.0.R, Build Date: 2019-01-18 IPC-HFW8232E-Z now it says I need to enable adobe flash. I upgraded my 5231s to the 2019-01 firmware and didn't see issue, they all worked as...
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    Could someone confirm if you are able to format the SD card with this firmware? i'm not sure if the issue i'm seeing right now is due to the firmware or the sd card or some combo (samsung evo select 128GiB)
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    Caught this guy on a camera setup for testing

    grizzly ? looks more like a black bear to me. adult grizzly is ~800 lbs, and their claws are like 2-3x the size of a blackbear.
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    "Smart Codec" Yes or No?

    I can't imagine that D916+ vs the 218Play is it though. strange.
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    "Smart Codec" Yes or No?

    I am really confused now that we are seeing such different things. are you DSM 6.2.2-24922, SS 8.2.4-5847, device pack 5.7.3-2740 ?
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    "Smart Codec" Yes or No?

    Are you seeing a option for Smart Stream? or "customize codec optimization ON|OFF" thats pretty interesting to me. I've never had SS reconfigure my cameras to any setting. they usually just either stream garbage images or they fail to "active" after you change something on the SynoSS side...
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    "Smart Codec" Yes or No?

    You started out by asking about what the downsides of using the smart codec might be. then you said you sub stream wasn't recording, but then that post got modified. -regarding the delay before video would appear: yes with the smart codec on, you can have "long" periods without a keyframe...
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    "Smart Codec" Yes or No?

    If you didn't "tweak" anything on the SS side how did you get it to record the sub streams onto the synology..etc ? none of the substreams are enabled when i add cameras to SS.
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    "Smart Codec" Yes or No?

    I mean the config of the camera in the Synology SS side. are you running it with generic dahau or the cam specific selection ? after that what other options to do you have configured ..etc
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    "Smart Codec" Yes or No?

    then you are having a better experience with DS Cam (iOS) and SS client (OSX) then I am. here are the models of cams i'm using. IPC-HFW8232E-Z IPC-HFW5231E-Z5 IPC-HDW5231R-Z IPC-HDW5231R-ZE i only stream from sub stream(s) to mobile, I don't record it. on the syno side what does your...
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    "Smart Codec" Yes or No?

    sorry, I should have said that it doesn't matter if it's h.264 or h.265. granted I used h.265 on everything. however I tested it with synology support on various h.264 flavors for a long time just to demonstrate to them the problem. Syno live streams are, in my experience, always showing...
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    "Smart Codec" Yes or No?

    Surveillance station live view is probably to blame here in my experience - the live view is often bad with h.265 ; but will be fine in say other live stream apps like iDMSS Plus or SmartPSS. if you run playback on timeline i'm curious if you see it there as well ; I never had w/my 916+.
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    Need suggestions on long runs (1,000'ish ft)

    @Mike have you decided which way to go ? I'm interested in how it all turned out.
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    Dahua Ultra Starlight Varifocal Bullet (IPC-HFW8232E-Z)

    how much of one do you need? there is the shade that can be adjusted on the top, like the rest of the bullets with the same housing. or do you mean something different ?
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    General security - windows

    from my own research: 3M has some various films; they usually strongly recommends that these are installed by a certified installer. Note these usually need to be attached into frame to be effective. I have not installed them myself or anything so I can only share with you what I have read.
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    The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

    Its like china read about the NSA's Tailored Access Operations (TAO) and got their own ideas...
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    Cabinet Installed for large home install, Plus prewire pics

    i'm not an HVAC , builder, construction ..etc anything. so this is just an amateur observation. that said, seeing soft ducts and some of the other "styles" of how wiring is run ..etc reminds me of when I was seeing it in TX and NC. New construction I've seen within Colorado lately I always saw...