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    gDMSS Plus Latest Update Concerns

    Yup, Live view is all I use it for. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    gDMSS Plus Latest Update Concerns

    Ditto with the iPhone version. It’s my only app I wait up to a week or more before updating. The more features they add, the more they break. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Trying to get OpenVpn to work Using Asus RT-N66U Router with Netgear MR1100 Hotspot

    I’m no expert, but it sounds like you need a DDNS service for the MR1100 so you can get to it every time from the Internet. Does it have a built in DDNS service? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Securely mount camera to drop ceiling tile?

    Timely info, I'm going to be helping a family member install some cameras in drop ceilings and I was wondering about this.
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    RJ45 crimper and connector suggestions

    I’m an amateur, and don’t put connectors on too often. Investing in the pass-thru tool and connectors has me making cables like a pro. Best investment for networking that I’ve ever made.
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    IR, wide diffused or narrow focused?

    That’s kind of why I was asking the question. I want a camera with a less powerful “softer” IR to minimize the hotspot. I don’t need a strong IR to reach far, I want diffused IR to cover a wider area.
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    IR, wide diffused or narrow focused?

    Well at least I’m not the only one with this concern. I was wondering if the cameras with multiple IR’s around the actual camera lens might work better than the cameras with only one or two IRs?
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    IR, wide diffused or narrow focused?

    Hello, I’m trying to select some cameras to use indoors in a business. I am looking for a camera with night IR that has a wider, shorter beam rather than a narrow, distance focus. I am already using the Dahua 2MP starlight turret Camera and that seems to have a narrow IR beam designed for...
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    Mobile app for Dahua NVR besides iDMSS?

    Finally, the latest update to iDMSS Plus does this. That’s going to significantly improve the WAF. Now it’s just 2 clicks to view cameras, 1 for the vpn, and one to launch iDMSS.
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    Network Install - Phase 1

    I see. Thanks.
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    Network Install - Phase 1

    Nice setup, looks very good. How hard is it to access the back of the patch panel in that wall mount? Is it hinges to allow easy access? I really do have to clean up my setup in my basement.
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    IPCT tinyCam support is now on IPCT!

    That’s great. Are there any plans for an IOS version of Tinycam in the near future?
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    Best practice for Time Sync/NTP on Dahua NVR and all the cameras

    I need to check/test my settings too. I just assumed the NVR would take care of syncing the cams by default if they are connected to the POE ports.
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    Best mounting options on Dutch lap siding

    Let us know how they work out. I have the same problem.
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    2mp versus 8mp

    Well, that explains it, thanks again fenderman. I was only looking at turret cameras as that's all the wife will allow on the house. When I mentioned the 6MP camera as a compromise, I was referring to the difference between the IPC-HDW5831R-ZE (8MP) vs the IPC-HDW5631R-ZE (6MP). I leapt to...
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    2mp versus 8mp

    Thanks Fenderman, back to the drawing board I go. Does anyone have a link to the specs for the 8 mp cam referenced above? I’m not finding it. Is this the correct model: IPC-HFW2831R-ZS How do you tell the new model from the older model with different sensor? If it’s a decent 8 MP camera I’ll...
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    2mp versus 8mp

    Have you considered the 6 MP IPC-HDW5631R-ZE at all? I picked one up to play with as a compromise between the 2 models you are considering. I have 3 if the 2 MP starlight cameras mounted where there is little light and plan to use the 6 MP cameras where there is a bit more light, and where I...
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    Dahua NVR 5216 4ks2e No motion?

    I think it may be time to try this. I’ve been playing with my NVR and cameras quite a bit and changed many things. It’s time to reset everything back to factory defaults and start over for real.
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    Credit Card Vendors are probing Clients Networks

    I’ve run into this too. It’s all part of PCI compliance. They do more than just scan your firewall. They also scan your internal network from a website you have to log into that grants them access. We got dinged because our DVR had port 80 open on the internal network with no ports forwarded...
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    Just Sharing My Progress

    Thanks for the info. Sorry I just burst out with the question rather than searching first.
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    Just Sharing My Progress

    Why is the correlation between frame rate and iframe?
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    A topic that concerns me - and should concern you?

    I wonder how many components of your enterprise firewall were made in China?
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    Dahua Starlight advice

    I think you will end up wanting cameras in all of the locations identified in your photo. The end cams will pick up approaching and departing activities.
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    Dahua Starlight advice

    Just curious, how far is your house from the street? Are you planning to put a camera in all 4 locations or just at #2 and one other location?
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    How to synch multiple cam playback on Dahua NVR?

    That only seems to start playback synced. As soon as I start moving individual sliders around to find what I’m looking for, I then want to resynch the other cameras and I can’t check the box.
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    Dahua NVR Push Notifications

    Keoki, If the cameras worked on their own, but not when connected to the NVR, did you setup/configure email on the NVR? Did that test work? If I understand it correctly, once the cameras are connected to the POE ports on the NVR, they no longer communicate with anything but the NVR. From that...
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    NVR5432-16P-4KS2E question

    The NVR's firmware will only allow you to register 16 channels (cameras) on the 16 version. It doesn't matter if they are plugged directly into the POE ports or a POE switch. For instance, I have the 16 port POE model and currently have 3 cameras plugged directly into the NVR's POE Ports 2-4...
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    Dahua NVR motion detection unreliability, is it worth fighting with this thing?

    Damn, now doesn't that just sum it up perfectly? :) Thanks, I have much research left to do, probably quite a few factory resets to conduct, and quite a bit more to learn before I get this stuff all figured out. Nothing is ever easy.
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    Dahua NVR motion detection unreliability, is it worth fighting with this thing?

    Tigerwillow, When setting up IVS on Dahua NVR and IPCams, if you have to configure it in both places, do you gave to draw your lines and boxes in both places too? That seems like it would be problematic as you couldn't get them exactly the same in both places. When I setup regular motion...
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    Dahua motion detect recording delay

    Did this solve your problem? That's not what I thought Anti-Dither did.