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    Cheapest Hardware for Milestone

    Did you check this page? Milestone Systems product system requirements
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    180 degree camera recommendations

    I have a fair bit of experience with the N68BR4V and some competitors like the Hikvision and Bosch in similar generation. In my testing I've found that on these 6MP generation of 180/360 single imager cameras, the image quality when digital zoomed is practically unaffected by turning down the...
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    Cheapest Hardware for Milestone

    Which Milestone XProtect license are you planning to buy?
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    Onvif firmware bug(?) in IPC-HDW5231R-ZE (latest firmware)

    Perhaps this requires more stick and less carrot. Contact ONVIF consortium, tell them a product advertising ONVIF Compliance is in fact not compliant. They might have a system to force resolution in one direction or the other.
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    Outdoor PTZ recommendation

    For a deployment that is only viewing daytime footage, and only via a metered data connection, I would suggest considering only powering the camera on a schedule. You could use some form of remote IO relay or configured timer relay to limit the camera's power to only certain times. Perhaps you...
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    Need help with bench testing cameras

    I've ran a few NVRs without a HDD. They worked fine, connected and displayed cameras.
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    Long Distance POE

    To mitigate risk, maybe bury both a CAT6 and a RG6? Then you can try both plain ePOE and the coax media converters, and also get the benefit that you could run power via one cable and data on the other if you have power problems.
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    Fish Cam - Underwater Camera Question

    Just throwing this out there without research or hard facts. But putting a camera underwater surely changes things like focus distances, focal length, field of view angles.
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    Noob question: where are the IR LEDs in this camera?

    Here are photos taken with my Galaxy S8 of a couple Dahua cams.
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    Noob question: where are the IR LEDs in this camera?

    If you have one, walk up to it at night and use your smartphone's camera and point the camera right at the CCTV camera, you should see the CCTV camera's lights as bright lights on your smart phone's display.
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    Dahua Camera with water flush

    As looney says, use the camera's alarm output wires to electrically trigger your external device.
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    Is this Peak IP Camera?

    I'm starting to get the feeling that we've hit the peak of the IP camera market. We've had some pretty huge jumps in performance in about the last 6 years. Common resolution went from 0.3MP to 4MP. Built-in infrared emitters that match the camera's ability to resolve an object at distance are...
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    desiccant inside cameras

    I think you'll be better off, long term, overall, by leaving them as-is.
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    Not enough domes for my taste.
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    IPC-HDBW4239R-ASE 60 FPS

    Right from spec sheet: Main Stream: 1080P(1~50/60fps) http://pl.dahuasecurity.com/download/product/20180511/DH-IPC-HDBW4239R-ASE_Datasheet_20180508.pdf Pretty greasy if it won't provide the 60fps.
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    Updating camera config on multiple cameras via IP configtool??

    I don't think so, I too am only seeing the option for .xml files which you create also in ConfigTool.
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    Updating camera config on multiple cameras via IP configtool??

    Called Templates in version I have.
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    New Dahua Bullet PTZ - PTZ1C203UE-GN

    Amusing that the sticker says 'don't move camera by hand' and in the video demonstration they move the camera by hand multiple times.
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    Updating camera config on multiple cameras via IP configtool??

    Configtool has a feature to do that. I tend to not trust Configtool for advanced uses, though the recent release is an improvement. Probably worth trying to use. On the other hand, configuring your cameras by hand one at a time isn't all that time consuming. Once you do the same settings about...
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    Large PTZ recommendation

    One way to shop the Dahua PTZ lineup is to consult their catalog, found in this post: 20190627 New catalog
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    Finally, cams are installed

    You might be hitting bandwidth limits of your network links. Have you noted the utilization/bitrate on all links?
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    20190627 New catalog

    Page 3 shows they are working towards a large Terminator-like device.
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    Milestone news June 2019

    In other news, release notes of the latest Milestone release suggest that they have changed their licensing policy. Some multi-channel devices (i.e. multi-camera encoders) now require multiple licenses per device, rather than the old system of one license per device regardless of how many...
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    Milestone news June 2019

    Genetec Takes #1 Global VMS Vendor Position According to Latest IHS Report Sounds like Genetec has overtaken Milestone as #1 VMS worldwide, and remains #1 in North America.
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    PoE Switch Options

    Aruba is the best, nice choice.
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    Hoping for help cleaning up compression issue

    Careful, implying VBR is superior to CBR on this forum is grounds for derision.
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    Troubleshooting poor image quality - frustrated.

    Many posts, may have forgotten some info in them. Did you try setting the camera to output another stream format, like mjpeg or mpeg4? Both use far less CPU/GPU to render the video. You can also try turning down the resolution on the camera, again to lessen the load on the GPU/CPU. Also...
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    New Dahua Bullet PTZ - PTZ1C203UE-GN

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    Troubleshooting poor image quality - frustrated.

    Viewing cameras in Smart Client via a RDP session is a poor idea unless you have a restricted network limitation (i.e. VPN, proxy RDP over internet, VDI...). Frame skipping is basically a guaranteed sign of something being insufficient performance / bottlenecking the video...