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    DH-SD6CE245U - has anyone else seen this happen? I have asked Andy for a RMA - since day one several months ago it has not been able to function correctly. Internally everything looks fine.
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    DH-SD6CE245U Stuck

    I have a DH-SD6CE245U PTZ that will not move up and down anymore. It is roughly three months old and I have reset the PTZ several times. I noticed on the playback it was acting normal and then went into a down position of about 35 degrees. I can move it side to side and spin it. It will not...
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    Question About Purchasing Support

    I have contacted BI support but I am not getting a clear answer so thought I would ask the group. I want to buy BI and have a quick question... It is my understanding that a new BI license comes with support for one year. After one year can I purchase support and more important how? I want to...
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    DH-SD6CE245U-HNI Help With Setup

    I took the plunge and bought the DH-SD6CE245U-HNI. I am trying to figure out how to setup the auto tracking. I have 180 degrees that I would like to scan then have it follow the car or person. I am not doing something right can someone help me? Thanks.
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    Dahua 608-32-4KS2 Browser Web Plugin Problem

    Model: 608-32-4KS2 System Version: V3.216.0000000.0 Build Date: 2018-10-09 Logging into the NVR I can only view my cameras in Internet Explorer v11 running on Windows Pro 10. Firefox and Edge will ask me to install the web plugin when I go to preview the cameras - I have installed the web...
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    IP Microphone and Speaker TWO WAY

    Maybe this is off subject but can anyone point me in the direction of a IP microphone and speaker for two way conversation. I have plenty of cameras but I would like to be able to communicate with a speaker/microphone (two way) located in the wood ceiling on my porch. Thanks.
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    Bullet Camera Between 100ft and 200ft

    I am looking for two bullet cameras with a range between 100ft and 200ft with a varifocal lens. I would like to crisscross X the bullets on a home that has a front semi circular driveway. However, if I go with a straight line from the home to the road on each side of the home like a Y...
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    Turret Mount Ethernet Cable Hole

    So I bought my first turret camera 5831R... and I made my soffit (wood) hole too large. I did not realize nor thought that the turret base would have gaps in the base... my fault for missing it. That said... What should I use to keep bugs out of the larger hole I made that the camera wire goes...
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    Intel I-9 Proc

    Anyone run blue Iris on an I-9 processor yet with more than 4 or 8 cameras? What can we expect?
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    What are some of the better bullet cameras

    Can you give me some guidance on which bullet camera I should go with in terms for a residential install for myself. Upon reading the cliff notes and wiki I see a lot of 2MP starlight models recommend however should I take a look at a higher resolution bullet? I will be using BI. Thanks
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    Pure Bare Copper Wire

    What is your take on Pure Bare Copper Wire Patch Cables attached from a patch panel to a PoE Switch? Good or Bad idea? Also, I have a female Cat6 Connector on my Cat6 runs to my cameras... What about connecting Pure Bare Copper Wire Patch Cables for flexibility to my cameras? Good or Bad...
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    Which Computer Model / Specs Are You Using?

    I am looking at some of the recent Dell Computers and notice the SFF (small form factor) is really popular. I was wondering if you could share what Dell model you are using. I want something a little more recent with a newer processor. I am set on a SSD - but how many drives are you running...
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    Computer i7 2700 BI Question

    I have a i7-2700K @ 3.5GHz with a 1TB SSD and 16gigs RAM 1333Mhz. Anyone running a similar processor or has? Looking for info to see if it worth the time to setup BI on. Thanks
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    Front Door Turret Camera

    To be mounted near front door, want audio, and will use BI. I have read the cliff notes and also have read in the posts the 2MP Starlight is 99% the way to go. Go with a IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 2MP or should I spend a little more and go with the ipc-hdw5831r-ze? Great page: Dahua IPC-HDW5831R-ZE...
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    Two Quick Questions

    1) With BI can you upgrade the camera firmware? 2) Once I purchase BI is there an annual fee/support fee? Thanks!
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    Camera for Front Door w/ Audio

    Looking to purchase my first IPCam with Audio / Microphone - would like to be able to talk back if possible, for my front door. Going with BI and want something really nice. Anyone got any suggestions?
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    My First IP Cam for Front Door - Which one

    Looking to purchase my first IPCam with Audio / Microphone - would like to be able to talk back if possible, for my front door. Going with BI and want something really nice. Anyone got any suggestions? ### POST WAS MOVED TO CAMERAS
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    License Plate Camera Residential

    Roughly how far out do the license plate cameras pick up a tag? Traffic in front of my home is east and west traveling so I do not even know if a single license plate camera would pick up any tag. Distance from home is roughly 100 feet or less. Any input?
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    Audio Camera Install

    I want to install one camera near an outside door with video and audio capability. I was told that I must run two Cat 6 cables which I did - but do I need two cables one for video and one for audio? That’s what I was told.
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    Di-Electric Grease on Cat6

    What is your take on Di-Electric Grease for Cat6 camera connections... especially in humid and wet locations?
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    PoE Switch Purchase Help 16 Plus Cameras

    I have looked at the list several times but I am confusing myself - I admit it! 16 cameras plus that I am installing and for days have been looking at the switch suggestion list but cannot figure out which model to go with. Along with this I am thinking do I need a managed or unmanaged switch...
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    Speco Technologies NVR and Cameras

    Speco Technologies NVR and Cameras - has anyone used them? Any feedback on Speco?
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    Which 32CH NVR and POE Switch?

    i have been reading the forum for a while now and would like some input on the following: I want a 32 channel NVR and a separate POE switch(s); 1 - What brand NVR do you recommend with large storage/raid? 2 - What brand PoE switch do you recommend? 3 - In regards to a PoE switch should I...
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    What 4K NVR brand?

    I am looking for a 32 channel NVR 4k H265+ unit and two 16 PoE units. I have looked at Hikivision, Dahau, and others but I would like to know what everyone recommends for a fresh install. I am passing on Blue Iris. Thank you!
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    Hello from Miami, FL

    Looking forward to learning as much as I can here.