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    Looking for some feedback on my driveway cam proposal

    Now that I am taking a break on my LPR setup with my zoomed in cam and overview of the street cam I want to think about how I am going to monitor the front of my house mainly the driveway and entrance to my house. My thought is to have two cams on each corner point towards each other to get some...
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    LPR camera addition

    Yesterday I installed my recently received IPC-B5442E-Z4E from Andy and installed it on the front of my house just above my garage. I am intending to use this as an overview to my current IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E which I am still working on tweaking the position but haven't played with that camera in...
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    BlueIris Video playback stuttering

    I am currently having an annoying issue when I am viewing video in BlueIris which has been captured by motion triggers inside BlueIris. The live view is smooth but when I go and review a triggered capture there appears to be a stutter every second on playback like it is dropping a frame. If I...
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    Need comments/critiques on my LPR proposal

    Hello everyone, I have come up with what I believe to be a location and where I would like to focus my LPR on to obtain plates easiest on cars entering and existing my Cul De Sac. This will be my first camera setup and using the IPC-HWF5241-Z12E sounds like the best option atm. I have another...
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    Question on creating my IP Camera network

    I have a question on how I think I would like to begin building up my POE camera system and reading through some of the guides and threads here I would like to make sure my system is secure. I am building from the ground up so my thoughts atm are as follows. 1. Purchase a used Dell Optiplex...
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    New member researching my first POE IP camera system

    Hello everyone, My name is Ryan and I found this community after searching through some reddit threads and various Youtube Videos. I currently have a 2 outdoor camera Nest and doorbell system that I am looking to replace with POE IP cameras and an NVR. My primary objective is to obtain better...