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    Camera - False Alarm - Sunlight

    Anyway to get rid of this via settings, or do i need different cameras. so f'ing annoying, today sun comes and goes behind clouds, and my cameras are going off every 1-2 minutes... if i turn them off, annoying false alarms go away, but then i got no idea when someone actually coming in !
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    Attempted B&E - what security system do you recommend

    last security system i had was the Fortress Alarm System. but it was crap, all sensors were wireless, which is fine,but it never alerted me if a battery was low or dead, 25% of the time i would open the door and forget to turn off alarm and it didnt even come on. it had a sim card in it and it...
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    are these good specs for a PC to run Blue Iris?

    CPU I7-4790 3.6Ghz Ram 8GB Video Card runs 2 monitors (AMD R7 200 2GB) 1TB Harddrive 300W Power Supply plan on running ~ 16 cameras to start
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    Installing cameras on long building

    I am putting cameras in a building that is approx 275 ft long. Main camera server/switch will be at one end, I I need to put like 4 cameras on other end of building and one every approx 40 ft. I know it’s not really logical to run approx 10 cables and 275ft So someone told me to set up switch...
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    any recommendation for a pc for camera system on sale

    anyone see any deals out there for pcs for black Frida cyber Monday looking for one that will run about 10-20 cameras switch Cisco c3750x cameras - ones recommended by Andy likely about 5 x 2mp, 2x 4k, 10x 4mp, and rest figuring out
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    what POE switch do you guys recommend for a 18-20 camera setup - so ideally 24 port minimum just in case i need more cameras i have been reading and what i have come up with is BVTECH - buy new from amazon or CISCO switch - buy one off ebay leaning towards the cicso used option as i am trying...
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    running ethernet cables to cameras far from POE switch

    had a question in regards to running cable that is far from the cameras 1. what is max length the cable can go without having issues from the POE switch to the camera 2. if i have multiple cameras in similar location is there anyway not to run 1 cable per camera ? or to run one cable to a...
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    Camera Layout

    Looking to set up cameras on a property Picture below shows yellow outline of property (red part is the primary focus, but would like to see whats going on the whole property also shows my ideas on where to place cameras (each yellow star is the location of cameras, lines coming out is each...
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    how are these cameras

    i saw these on amazon and just trying to compare any have any experience?
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    what software is this

    i want to get cameras / software that actually shows me where the motion is, instead of just informing me there is motion what software/cam is this?
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    looking for some help

    i have a car dealership and i have been using the swann 8 camera 8mp system not a horrible system, however im having huge issues viewing this anywhere outside of the location 1. mobile - homesafe app - it sucks, if i have my phone laying there it wont tell me anything ,when i unlock phone and...
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    need help purchasing a camera system

    currently i have a swann 4K system love the quality, however the software sucks - false motion detection non stop, when it rains its a disaster, camera lens also gets covered in water and its nonnnn stop software is horrible i am looking for something for an automotive dealership so 1. good...
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    Looking to get cameras - need some help

    hello new here... after a recent break in at our dealership we decided we would like to install our own cameras (currently owner of building has a few however we need to get permission from him everytime we want to take a look at some footage which is a pain in the ass... we would like to set...