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    Stupid question from a newb

    So i got my first camera in the mail today. I am still waiting for my DVR. I got this one camera as an IP camera because the DVR said it can also do IP cams. Attached is the pic of the camera i got in the mail, and the dvr that is coming any day now. It would seem that there is no way to plug...
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    New guy from bama, need some recommendations

    Hi all, I have been killing myself looking at security systems. I have a 720 night owl junk system i bought a few years ago, and now I want to upgrade. I have been to every site possible, looking at whole systems vs piecing together a system. At first I was leaning to Lorex, then i went to...
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    Hi from Alabama

    hello, My name is alex. I am seeking advice. I have a really junky old night owl 720 system, ran the wires myself. I have researching....alot.....for a new system. I want to keep an eye on my house and the front street. Watch my kids, etc, etc. I dont want a generic system, but i cant really...