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    F-ing Spider Webs!

    AARRGGHHH!, Dang tiny floating spider webs already this spring causing dozens of falsies! I hate them and cannot ever figure out how to adjust setting to avoid these triggers from webs or the spider itself or other flying creatures. Using zones is useless, contract change value, no use, nor...
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    Can I recover deleted BI clips?

    I have a camera set to record 24/7. BI breaks recordings into 1 hr clips. I have a new 8TB hard drive, so it has plenty of space for several weeks...problem is when I went to review some of the clips from 2/12 I noticed it only went back to 2/13...Then I realized I had the stored Clips and...
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    Invalid Command Line error on BI start up after reboot

    I started fresh with new Windows 10 build and BI 5 (latest ver as of today). When I reboot Windows and open BI it pops up an 'Invalid Command Line error' message box. So far I do not see that it causes any issues. I just close it and go on but am of course curious if anyone else has had this...
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    Will BI work with Google Nest Hub Max?

    Anyone know if there is a way to view \ control BI cameras on the Google Nest Hub or Hub Max?
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    Where to get the Dahua Toolbox ConfigTool?

    I went to the Dahua wiki and only found download links to the manual. Where can I download the actual config tool?
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    Are WD Purple HDs still the best upgrade option?

    I am looking to upgrade my BI computer's 2GB standard drive. Right now I have 8 x 2mp cameras, a 2mp x 4 camera and may be adding a few more 2MPs or larger in the future. I'm thinking an 8TB may be about right for a few week's 24/7 recording and I'm seeing WD purple 8TBs for around $225 on...
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    How about a dedicated Forum section for camera reviews?

    I usually stumble across new camera review when browsing the "What's New" section. I was thinking it would be nice to have a section in the forum just for camera reviews organized by Mfg \ model \ Reviewer (if more than one person reviews the same camera). It would make it a whole lot easier...
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    Android BI Widget not working

    I have tried the BI apps Android widget on both my Samsung Android tablet and S8 phone but they do not work. I can add them and select a server and camera but when placed on the screen it just says "loading" then stops and displays nothing but a black widget. Anyone have the widget working? I...
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    Will Reolink Argus work with BI?

    Does anyone have one of these or know if this Reolink cameras will work with BI? As a battery \solar powered setup I could make use of this outside for critter watch where I have no power but can still catch a decent WiFi signal from the house. Reolink Argus2
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    Getting 1G internet soon!....What Wifi Router should I buy?

    So after years of living with max 4Mbps down \ 0.5Mbps up internet, my neighborhood is in the process of getting upgraded to 1G fiber, (Supp 1G down max \ but "only 100Mbps up forsome reason?). My current Wifi router is an old Asus rt-N65U (and also using the Centurylink router wifi and a...
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    How to use TinyCam Pro when away from home?

    Dumb question but are there instructions somewhere on how to set it up so I can see my cameras on my phone or tablet in this app when away from home? I bought the Pro but it only works as-is when at home on my local lan of course and not sure how to set it up for remote viewing.
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    Will All cameras eventually get AI Firmware Upgrades?

    I was watching a couple of videos about AI, (basic person vs. non-person detection in this case) now being added to the existing Wyze cams for free. And it is not dependent on cloud servers either. Now I have no idea how well they do it as I do not own one, but if they can do it for a <$40...
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    Thoughts on using "Flat" ethernet or need for CAT 7 CAt cables

    My neighborhood is supposed to be getting a BIG upgrade this year from our current 2-4 Mbps DSL to 1 Gig fiber. So there is a lot of talk around what will be needed in-home to maximize the use of potentially 1,000 Mbps bandwidth. One topic was upgrading the home's cabling or at least from the...
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    Lorex wireless camera systems...anyone know much about them?

    Hi, I am looking at a few wireless camera system options for a temp quick setup at a relatives home while they are away for a while. I'm pretty sure I don't want the Arles based on video I've seen. I noticed Lorex has some ready to go wireless cam systems and a few on sale. Has anyone here used...
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    Is this a reasonable cost for a LTS system and install?

    I have a friend getting a bid for a sec cam system install. I asked him for more information. His quote is from a local installer for an LTS system, 8 port POE NVR with 4 x 4 MP IP turret cameras & junction boxes, CAT5 cable, + 2TB WD Purple drive. Installed and configured. His quote is $2,434...
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    Is CAT 5 OK for 4K camera system?

    A friend of mine has gotten a quote to install a security system at his lake house. I believe some of the cameras are to be 4K and some 4Mps cameras. I do not have all the details yet but part of the quote says "install Outdoor cat5 cable" (not sure if outdoor rated is needed either...this...
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    Can I connect a remote location camera to BI for viewing & motion capture?

    I would like to add to BI at my home a single WiFi camera running at my parent's house for occasional viewing and to capture motion triggers to my hard drive. I do not want to do 24/7 streaming or recording. Is this possible? I have the same model camera at home and I am able to view\record...
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    My 5231R-ZE keeps port forwarding itself?

    I see this IP in port forwarding now and then. I delete it but it eventually comes back. It belongs to my Dahua HDW5231R-ZE. I have UPNP P2P (easy4IP), DDNS and PPPOE unchecked in options... How can the camera do this if I turn off the functionality or am I missing something else in the camera...
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    steal security camera that's still on Victim Sends pics to Police

    Idiots abound.... Not caught yet but this should make it easier. Criminals steal security camera that's still on as victim screenshots their faces to send to police
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    Will my ISP Changing my IP stop a current hack?

    This may be a dumb question as I am still pretty uneducated on the topic but working on it. IF, say my computer and \ or a camera on my network gets hacked, then my ISP randomly changes my IP address as they often do, will the attacker or hack still be able to access it or will the hacks be...
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    Any POE Floodlight cameras out there?

    I'm replacing the floodlight on the garage and thought why not look for a cam light. I did some Googling but all I can find is a bunch of the the crappy "Ring" or similar type floodlight cameras that are proprietary, WiFi non-BI friendly and basically nothing I want. Curious if anyone has run...
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    Can I use a Wifi camera as a stand alone device?

    Can I take a Dahua (or other non-poe ac powered ) WiFi camera, add an SD card just plug it into an outlet somewhere and be able to log into it to config and leave it as a stand alone unit to record 24/7? I want to put a camera outside on our subdivision's front entrance just to record vehicles...
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    Split \ rotating camera images in BI...what did I do?

    I messed something up... I was adding a new front door camera to BI and now I have one view in BI that shows a split dup view from the new camera plus the same view also rotates through two other cameras which were previously their own separate views in BI...and the labeled camera (Garage In)...
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    BI Hawaii cam using UI3

    I stumbled across this BI PTZ Hawaii web cam. Looks like it is using the new UI3. I like how all the presets have a snapshot image \ title. Mahana Web Cam
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    Lost specific brand cameras after most recent BI Update.

    I ran the latest BI update the other day and when it restarted, my three, ( American Dynamics Illustra 825 Fisheye 5MP) Cameras could no longer connect. All the other cameras, (Dahuas and a cheap-oi Foscam) were unaffected and came right back up. The error message displaying, (same on all...
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    Can't connect Samsung cam to tinycam

    I bought a small PTZ cam at Costco. It is aSAMSUNG-SNH-V6410PN Box also calls it "SmartCam PTZ". I can see and use it through the app but cannot get it to work in Tinycam app. It finds it and the correct name and model but wont log in. TC has 3 setting options, "camera push", RTP over TCP and...
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    Playback freeze & invalid date stamp in BI mobile app

    I keep seeing this issue lately in the BI mobile app on my S8 android phone. I play back a video and I notice the time stamp changes from say 05/08/2018 to something nonsensical like 10\25\20146, then the playback freezes. Then it either loops and starts the clip over or it stays frozen until...
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    External AP antenna angle placement

    Does anyone know anything about AP antenna placement for optimal performance? I just added a TP-Link EAP225 high up in the middle open section of my attic to be able to get a better WiFi signal throughout and around the house. It works but not the range I was expecting. I have a lot of the...
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    RING Doorbell WiFi range

    So, I'm not a big believer in all the RING products but my sister bought the RING2 doorbell for my mom, (who is 82 and will never remember what to do with it on the smart phone she bought her last year that she can hardly use). I have been volunteered the tech support as usual. Well, I hooked...
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Blurr

    I have a new HDW5231R-ZE that presents a continual blurred in the left 1/4-1/3 of the screen. I have cleaned the lense and the inside and out of the glass but I persists as if it is internal to the camera. See the area just to the left of the walkway. Has anyone else experienced this issue or...