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  1. tibimakai

    PTZ trigger with spotter cam, any advice on how to?

    I'm trying to setup this, but I don't know where to start. I have two cameras on the right side of the ptz(one at each side of the garage door and the ptz cam is at the corner of the garage. I'm thinking to setup the far end cam, with the ptz. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. tibimakai

    Wedge camera question

    I have installed this camera in the patio, since I have the new 5442 at the front door(as a birdhouse cam). I'm not really happy with the picture quality. I'm wondering, what are these artifacts, that are keep moving around? It seems like they show up in the darker zones, but it is not...
  3. tibimakai

    Easiest way or changing around IP#s on my system

    Finally I have set up all my cameras, and now I would like to set the IP numbers, in a clockwise orientation order. How could I do that, in the easiest way?
  4. tibimakai

    Andy, I have request for the Dahua engineers, if it is possible to do

    Today, I had to do a bunch of firmware upgrades and only one or two cameras have their model number listed in the System/Info page. It would be possible to ask them, to list the camera's model number in that page? "Device Type: xxxxxxxxx" After a quite a while, I forget the camera's model number...
  5. tibimakai

    Interesting looking Dahua camera: SDT5A405WA-4F-B

    What do you guys think about this camera?
  6. tibimakai

    Anybody tried getting rid of the plugs?

    I would like to find out, if anybody tried removing the power and female Ethernet plug and hardwire any of these Dahua cameras? It would look so much nicer, without that bulky junction box, specially around the front door. I assume, that it should be a plug inside, that is plugged into a female...
  7. tibimakai

    I need ideas, on where to install a camera at the entrance

    Initial plan was to install it on the stucco, by the door, but I'm not able to do that anymore(inside on the wall). Running a pipe or something, to cover the wire on the wall would look pretty bad imho. I have tried above the column at the porch entrance, or under the porch roof, but none of the...
  8. tibimakai

    When we will have, 4-5MP Starlight varifocal eyeball cameras available, to purchase(Andy)?

    When we will have, 4-5MP Starlight varifocal eyeball cameras available, to purchase? I really need one, like right now. My other ones are all 2MP ones, I need one at the entrance, that is newer and has a better image. For example: IPC-HDW3541T-ZAS.
  9. tibimakai

    How much "hidden" should be a dome camera from sunlight....

    As title shows, I'm trying to use the wedge camera on(around) one of the columns of my porch. Columns are 3-3/8" square wood ones. How far in has to be the camera(dome), that the sun would not damage the dome?
  10. tibimakai

    Low power(T version) Intel Cpu will work?

    My system is up and running with an i5-7500. I was wondering, if an i5-6500T(35W) CPU would work, or not? To save power and I have the CPU already.
  11. tibimakai

    This is normal? (Power usage is Very high)

    I have checked my task manager, and found this in red. This is normal? BI is set as a service in Windows.
  12. tibimakai

    Wedge cam settings, when installed around front door

    Today I was "playing" with this cam around the door and I'm not really happy with the results. First I wanted to try out, if the cam fits inside the light fixture next to the door.It fits nicely, though I will have to modify a bit the fixture, to fit nicely. The fixture is the regular hexagon...
  13. tibimakai

    How can I access cameras w/2 NICs?

    I have setup my PC, with two NIC cards, per this forum recommendation. One online and one offline. How could I access the one, that is offline(cameras), from another PC? Local access from a different PC, would be enough.
  14. tibimakai

    First time setup new cameras w/second NIC/no internet

    OK, finally this weekend we have run a cable to my BI PC and most of the cameras are connected. I have installed a second (Intel)NIC card, per this forum members suggestion. Now it comes the newby, I have the cameras connected to a POE+ switch, wire runs to the PC w/Nic card, no internet. How do...
  15. tibimakai

    PTZ or no PTZ

    I have two 5231R-Z and a 5231R-Z12 facing the street. One of each is installed, on each side of the garage door and the Z12, at the far corner of the garage, for LPR duty. My question is, there is a good idea, to add a PTZ to this setup, or it would be overkill? Basically I would like to get a...
  16. tibimakai

    Need help, setting up home/security network

    I'm a newbie, when it comes to more complex network setups. Basic home network is OK, but as it gets more complex, like adding a security camera setup into equations, I'm lost. I have a BI PC(1 NIC card, that is on the mobo), a number a Dahua cameras, POE+ switch, Asus router, a bunch of...
  17. tibimakai

    Video security system diagram

    I'm in the beginning phase, of building my system and I'm a beginner as well. I already have a POE+ switch, a couple of cameras and a PC, with BI. I need to run wires throughout of my house, but I'm a bit confused on what should connect to what and what should I avoid doing? Any help, would be...
  18. tibimakai

    If I have security cameras, do I still need a Ring Doorbell?

    I'm considering buying a Ring doorbell, but do I really need it, if I install a wedge camera? There is a way, to have two way communication with somebody in front of the door?
  19. tibimakai

    Wall bracket needs junction box?

    I'm looking for junction boxes and maybe bracket for some of my cameras, that I have just got from Andy. My question is, about the wall mount bracket for the wedge camera. It is a good idea to use one, if I install it head hight on the wall, next to the door? I'm not familiar with brackets, do I...
  20. tibimakai

    NACL Web plug-in is not working anymore

    I used to view my cameras with this plug-in in Chrome. Last couple of days I can access the cameras UI and I can change settings, but there is no video at all. It is just me, or something has changed? I have rebooted my network, still no change. On my phone(internal Wi-Fi network), I can see all...
  21. tibimakai

    Backyard camera orientation suggestion

    I'm planning on installing some cameras in my backyard, but I'm clueless on which way should I point them. Toward the two sliding doors(one at the kitchen and one at the master bedroom) or toward the yard? At the back of my yard, there is a tall brick wall and behind it, is a main street. Not...
  22. tibimakai

    Which CPU cooler should I use?

    I'm building a PC for BI. I have lucked out and got a B150 Gaming M3 1151 board for under $30 and an i5-7500 for $100 from CL. I will get a 80+ power supply, a M.2 SATA SSD for Windows and BI, and a WD Purple HDD. I'm planning to have around 6-7 cameras. Right now I only have one Dahua 4MP...