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    A morning visitor

    Caught this guy this morning. He ran across the street west of here then ran east through our yard. He timed it just right crossing the street. Two seconds later and he'd have been road pizza.
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    Stumped with clones and ONVIF

    OK, this one has me scratching my head and getting splinters for my trouble. I have a couple of Dahua cameras that are clones that are used for specific motion detection jobs. They were giving me a lot of false triggers due to shadows moving with the wind. So I enabled IVS on the cameras and...
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    NASA Playing tag

    For those that don't follow NASA and I don't think the media bothered with this at all, here's a NASA probe, OSIRIS-REx. playing tag with asteroid Bennu. In other words, it landed, got a sample and took off again.
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    Hello from NJ

    Just an old guy with some IT experience and a burgeoning surveillance system. I've lurked around here for a while an have corrected the mistakes I've made in the past by buying based on price and, alleged, performance offered by vendors and manufacturers. Money wasted, lessons learned.