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    5.2.5.x MP4 Alerts and recording issues

    Hi, after the latest upgrade my MP4 video attached by mail are now empty (black screen). The sensitivity looks also altered. I'm loosing soooooooooo many events on all the cameras. The previous version was perfect
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    Video sent when triggered

    Hi to all. Finally I upgraded V4 to latest V5. Lost few settings but already corrected it. I'm having an issue with alerts sending videos. I receive a video long 30second also if I set a differente lenght Someone having the same issue?
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    Recorded files dimensions H264

    Hi to all, after the 1st September update, my recorded files (bvr files cmpressed without audio and standard settings) over tripled their dimensions. Now my BI is upgraded to latest version but the issue is still present. The only way to reduce dimensions is change, in Encoder Options, the Rate...