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  1. jd415

    New Style LPR?

    Nice find @chaosengine!
  2. jd415

    New Style LPR?

    They also have hundreds of these AXIS cameras all over town including many PTZ cams as well.
  3. jd415

    New Style LPR?

    These things all over Beverly Hills pointed right at the street where cars are driving, does anyone know what they are? Some sort of new LPR? EDIT: Looks like it's a Sensera SiteWatch PRO2 Smart Security Camera
  4. jd415

    Pelco Cameras

    Pelco is old school and was great back in the day, now it's Axis and Avigilon.
  5. jd415

    You really shouldn't try to commit burglaries in your own car

    Wow your night shots especially the LPR are very clear! Great work!
  6. jd415

    Dahua Camera Captures Jupiter And It's Moons

    This is not my video but pretty cool
  7. jd415

    NEW Dahua 4MP Polar Light Bullet WizMind

    Here is the big brother of that camera ITC431-RW1F-IRL8
  8. jd415

    New Dahua LPR

  9. jd415

    New Dahua LPR

    New Dahua LPR's: This one has a 1/1.8 sensor: and
  10. jd415

    LPR Captured Stolen Vehicle Suspect's Plate

    UPDATE: Just got off the phone with LAPD, the Silverado had stolen plates
  11. jd415

    LPR Captured Stolen Vehicle Suspect's Plate

    Thanks guys and thanks to everyone on this site helping me set this up! Without IPCT this would not of been possible. This forum is amazing and everyone is so helpful! The LAPD detective could not believe how clear the images were, they were in shock that I had a plate too! I guess they see a...
  12. jd415

    LPR Captured Stolen Vehicle Suspect's Plate

    @arium76 not sure what camera the victim has.
  13. jd415

    LPR Captured Stolen Vehicle Suspect's Plate

    A neighbor posted about her husbands older model Tahoe being stolen on a local crimebuster Facebook page. I checked my LPR and got the guys plates and gave videos and images to LAPD detective working the case. I will post an update soon. First 2 images are form the victim and the rest are from...
  14. jd415

    Car broken into AGAIN!!!!

    This might help
  15. jd415

    Night Settings Help LPC

    That camera has a good 1/1.8 sensor but it's still an 8 MP. I dont think just changing it to 1080p and boom it will work as a well as 2 MP at night but I could be wrong? I also I think you need more IR, an external illuminator may help.
  16. jd415

    Night Settings Help LPC

    Cant be using an 8 MP camera as an LPR especially at night. Also that angle is not so good either.
  17. jd415

    5442TM-AS Day Image Quality Issues

    @thor87 mine was a hardware issue. Try changing the settings after you web browse into the camera.
  18. jd415

    Trump Campaign Sign Being Stolen

    Not my photos but you should try this.... Make sure the camera has a microphone so we can also hear the screaming :D
  19. jd415

    Suspicious Man

    I've always wanted to put a camera at my front door at eye level to catch the bad guys face but the Ring Pro is not that bad. Of course its not as good as a real IP camera but I like how its small and it does the job. You can clearly identify the perp especially if he didnt have a mask on...
  20. jd415

    Suspicious Man

    Yes but he was acting suspicious and also was looking through my window in the door. The whole time he was on the phone with someone, maybe a look out? Maybe it was nothing but you never know these days.
  21. jd415

    Suspicious Man

    A suspicious man came to my house today, he got really close to my front door and looked through the glass window I assume to see if there were any valuables or if anyone is home. When I answered the door through my doorbell app he was startled and pretended like he was trying to sell something...
  22. jd415

    LPR Help / With Screenshots

    @reflection I dont know the exact distance but at least 200 ft or more. No supplemental IR and zero street lights.
  23. jd415

    LPR Help / With Screenshots

    I'm using an Amcrest IP4M-1053EW as a long range LPR. Day shots are coming out good but night tags don't look that great and are not so clear. I've tried changing the settings, adjusted the zoom and pointed the lens to 2 different locations. What am I doing wrong? I'm sure it's a setting or...
  24. jd415

    Painting exterior of cameras

    Check out my post (link below) it has before and after photos, I painted my black camera white. Its been a year now and it looks and works perfect no issues.
  25. jd415

    Color night vision

    Check out this Hikvison
  26. jd415

    Hikvision ColorVU Review

    Not my video but this is great for people just getting into IP cameras and want night color
  27. jd415

    Sony 61 MP Surveillance Sensor

    For a decade, the highest resolution single imager surveillance cameras have remained 30MP, now Sony has released a 61 MP sensor (IMX455AQK-K) marketed to surveillance. Specs: Compared to other Sony sensors...
  28. jd415

    Neighbor's Pickup Truck Stolen Early This Morning.

    I've given LAPD many videos for years now and they use the Axon Citizen site to upload videos. They just send you a link, no login needed and upload the video. It's great because you don't lose any quality like YouTube when it compresses the video. Axon is the same company they use for body worn...
  29. jd415

    Dahua SmartPSS Crashing in Windows 10

    You are wrong, I work in IT and Windows 10 is the the most stable OS ever made by Microsoft. The issue you are having is user error because you refuse to upgrade your OS. I'm on Windows 10 version 2004 and with SmartPss x64 version 2.003.00001.0 and have almost no issues besides what I...
  30. jd415

    Dahua SmartPSS Crashing in Windows 10

    There is your problem, you are on Windows 8.1 upgrade to Windows 10 it’s free. After you upgrade do a clean install (format the hard drive). I use SmartPSS and it works well besides the random closure of the app once in a while. Old versions of the app especially with old OS you will have a lot...