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    Quality drop on movement

    Hello all, DS-2CD3145F-IS DS-2CD3145F-I I seem to have an issue I can't resolve by fiddling, so I tried reading but that failed too. So I am now asking the question :) I can get a pretty clear image through live view and recording. However, when someone enters the frame and triggers...
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    v5.3.3 web access very buggy.

    Hello all. I've been trying for a long time to get web access to my cameras listed below, via a windows 10 platform. Currently, I use a mac to do all my bidding via safari and it works perfectly. Unfortunately it's my wife's university computer so I don't have access to it all the time. On...
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    Intrusion Detection

    Hello all. I'm going to list quite a bit of information in the hope someone can help me, so I will try format it for easy digestion. Ultimately though, I just want the answer to my questions so I placed them first and the info after that is supplementary and may be skipped if its too long...