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  1. jameshtx

    Can't connect to BI on LTE (at&t)

    My wife and I cannot connect on LTE however have no problems when at home on wifi. I have set port forwarding on. This was not the issue before our new desktop. I had everything working fine on old laptop. I even deleted and reinstalled mobile app as well.
  2. jameshtx

    Newbie from Houston

    Not just a newbie to this site but also to the IP camera world. I'm excited and looking forward to getting help and learn how to get my system up and running. James
  3. jameshtx

    Remote access outside network

    I'm brand new in the IP world and want to use the BI app (iphone) outside my house but I don't know how to set it up. Right now it's working when i'm at home. I read that port forwarding is not the way to go. All comments and advice are welcome. Thanks James
  4. jameshtx

    ios app help

    I just setup my mobile app last night at home and was working fine. Then it doesn't want to connect when I'm at work. Do I have to be at home in order for mobile app to work? Need help. thanks attached is the screen shot of the problem