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  1. Mikentosh2017

    1st POE camera setup.

    IP5M-T1179EW-36MM GS305P On my POE switch I get an amber LED (POE fault) and my camera is warm to the touch. My camera is attached to the switch and the switch is connected to the router. My W10 with Blue Iris is also connected to the router. Did I miss something?
  2. Mikentosh2017

    Previously opposed to Microsoft Windows

    So I left Windows XP SP2 and went over to Apple in 2006. I know that I said on this forum that I would use Linux or Apple before Windows but difficulty with miniDSP on my Mac prompted me to purchase Windows 10 Home. After installing 10 I found that my old Dell monitor, that has a DVI -> HDMI...
  3. Mikentosh2017

    Can someone recommend an IP camera?

    So far I have a Dell Optiplex 7040 (No OS yet) and a Netgear GS305P. I’m now looking for my 1st POE camera. I think it should be 4mp, turret, 3.6, 30fps. What other specs should I be looking for? Is Amazon a good source for cameras? Who should I avoid?
  4. Mikentosh2017

    Monitor size

    i will be receiving a MT for my 1st surveillance system in a few days. I have a DVI monitor and will buy a HDMI - DVI adapter.
  5. Mikentosh2017

    Linux on VMS

    I think Linux will be more difficult to configure but Linux is supposed to be more robust. Fenderman has mentioned 2 of these but I'm wondering about the other 2. Wavestore exacqVision Professional DW Spectrum® IPVMS Nx Witness What say you?
  6. Mikentosh2017

    I'm looking at this PC for 4 HikVision turrets.

    OPTIPLEX 5040 MT Memory: 8GB Optical Drive: DVD-RW (not needed) Hard Drive Capacity: 256GB SSD Warranty: 1 YEAR FROM OUR WAREHOUSE Brand: DELL Operating System: WIN10 PRO Processor Type: I5-6500 Graphic processing type: INTEL HD
  7. Mikentosh2017

    NVR's OS

    After months and months of research I have settled on a company that sells a NVR without POE switch. I'm considering 4 outdoor POE cameras and maybe 2 outdoor wireless cameras. My question is: Which OS should I have them install, Windows 10 or Ubuntu? Why?
  8. Mikentosh2017

    Waylens Secure360

    I will be looking at this Dash Cam when it gets released. It looks expensive. Introducing the Waylens Camera - The World's Best Data Driven Automotive Cam