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    2xx5 and 3xx5 English FW for CH region cams

    @alastairstevenson has done a phenomenal job dissecting all the traps in 2xx2 cams (R0 platform) and allowing any Chinese region cam to be upgraded to the latest 5.4.5 firmware while remaining English and avoiding the dreaded NVR "language mismatch" error. Does anyone know if "hacked" firmware...
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    HV 2332 3MP vs 2352 5MP Comparison

    Swapped out a 3MP 2332 camera for a 5MP 2352. The extra resolution is nice but certainly not 67% better. Night IR vision doesn't seem to suffer, might even be a bit better. The Saturday pics are the 3MP (2048*1536) and the Sunday pics are 5MP (2560*1920). Both cams are 2.8mm and set up...
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    Axis 211 Camera Defective?

    I received an Axis 211 that I'm trying to get up and running. I have no idea if it works or not. If I hold down the control button and plug in the POE cable to reset the unit to all defaults, all 3 LEDs turn yellow and stay that way. I've held the control button down for up to a minute, no...
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    IR switching causes line detect to trigger on 2xx2 IPCs

    Whenever the camera switches from day to night or night to day (IR cut on/off) it triggers a line crossing event sending me an unneeded email with images. I have turned the sensitivity of the line event down to 10 and it still occurs. Sometimes the IR switch will occur several times a day when...
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    Upgrading beyond 3.4.0 on a Chinese (lang 2) HV NVR

    I want to share my observation in case it helps anyone. Chinese NVR, DS-7816N-E1 (ostensibly the same hardware as the 76xxNI-Ex but made for China only). Unit came with 3.0.10 in English from AliExpress. Using the web GUI I successfully upgraded to 3.3.2, 3.3.4, and finally 3.4.0 (all...
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    Flush mounting of new 4MP DS-2CD3345-I vs older 3MP DS-2CD2332-I turret cams

    In case anyone want to flush mount the newer 4MP DS-2CD3345-I turret cameras on a flat wall with the Ethernet cable coming out of the base along the wall (i.e. no wall wiring through hole behind the camera). In my case I have one camera mounted on brick with the Ethernet cable running along the...
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    New 4MP DS-2CD3345-I Camera Hikvision NVR Compatibility issue

    I just took delivery of a DS-2CD3345-I 4MP camera running v5.3.3 (sticker and in the camera) that I can log into, is ML and defaults to English, I can select 2560*1440, etc. I have a Hikvision 7816N-E1 NVR (ML NVR, hacked to default to English) running 3.0.10 with nine 2xx2 3MP cameras all...
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    WTS OEM Hikvision NVR HNR30P8-8; 8-channel POE NVR

    For sale is a 3 month old 8-channel POE Hikvision made (OEM) NVR. This is rated for cameras up to 5M pixel and for a total camera bandwidth of 40Mbps. Originally purchased from this seller on eBay...
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    Converting a 7608 to a 7616 (or a 7806 to a 7816)

    I believe that the underlying hardware is the same between the 8- and 16-channel NVRs. The only restriction is the firmware on the 8-channel that restricts it to 8 cameras. Had anyone figured out how to mod the 8-channel to be a 16-channel?
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    Hikvision NVR with POE; adding non-POE WiFi IPCam help needed

    I have the OEM version of the Hikvision DS-7608NI-SE/8P NVR that supports up to 8 IPC and has an integrated 8-port POE switch. I have four 2332 IPC cameras connected to the POE switch and the NVR works great. The virtual host feature allows me to access each IPC on the POE side from the LAN...