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    hi all, my BI keeps trying to restart

    hi all, my BI keeps trying to restart its running ok but every 30 sec's the BI logo popsup like it's going to start then goes away for 25-30 sec's need some help thanks, nelson
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    axis Q6045 when i zoom in i get this double image

    / i have axis Q6045 when i zoom in i get this double image the more i zoom in the worse it looks is this a lenses problem or alignment? don't want to send it out to be fixed their rates are outrageous maybe diy?
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    cops looking for this guy

    this guy has been hitting the neighborhoods we'll have to upgrade cameras nothing like the real thing to see what flaws your system has hoping to get some Starlight or light finder series
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    Recording time

    Hello all, I have hey question about blue Iris Version five How can I change the trigger time so when it activates so I can extend it to 5 or 10 minutes or long ? There was a break-in next-door vehicle coming in but it got chopped off.. I guess it did not record long enough until motion...
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    ir light switch in reverse?

    Hi I've been using blue Iris since February I really like it im learning more and more every day, one thing i have a question on it . the button on the screen to shut the IR lights on and off they seem to work in reverse when I clicked on the screen button to activate it they go off when I...
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    OK I crashed my hard drive

    I crashed my hard drive can't boot it up, I just ordered a purple drive once it comes in and i install windows I am going to try to access the hard drive. Do I need to get the activation code to run blue Iris or delete the file that's on this computer I don't want to spend another $50 On the...
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    I need a little info on blue Iris

    Hi on the blue Iris status menu where it says messages, cameras, connections, and clips storage on the messages tab you have the symbol and then you would have a number the date the object and the message I would like to know what's the number after the symbol is its to the right of the little...
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    Love my new camera

    Just Installed the amcrest IP2M-850EB i love this thing I wish I had Auto tracking it is an amcrest unit but I think it's made by dahua wonder if I could upgrade the firmware or change it
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    Hi from fl.

    Hi new to up cams ,looking for info use to do cctv.. but now I'm looking for a good build for my home