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  1. OICU2

    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    I have a couple cans, a 22, 300AAC and a form1 9mm in progress. A side from first round pop, when using subs, the only thing you hear is the bolt cycling and the bullet hitting the target. They may not be Hollywood quiet, but you're not hearing me a block away, let alone several blocks.
  2. OICU2

    Underwater IP camera on a beaver lodge

    Do I need a power supply or can I use an a/c adapter with the proper specs?
  3. OICU2

    Underwater IP camera on a beaver lodge

    Is there a certain rpi you would recommend? Or any generic amazon special? I've never dabbled with them yet.
  4. OICU2

    Underwater IP camera on a beaver lodge

    This is neat... can you elaborate more on how you convert from RTSP to RTMP? Does it stream directly to YT Live from the cam? Any issues with it disconnecting from YT?
  5. OICU2

    Calling a specific ptz preset from BI app?

    Thanks, its not Dahua, its a junk Chinese generic ebay special 20x ptz. I'd probably have to sniff packets to see what commands are being sent.
  6. OICU2

    Calling a specific ptz preset from BI app?

    Any way to control the iris on a ptz through BI app? Now that I can send preset #70, in order to control the brightness of the hi-beam IR, i use the + or - of the iris control in the native ptz cam web interface.
  7. OICU2

    Calling a specific ptz preset from BI app?

    lol.. true... I only have about 4 real presets, but there are certain perm presets on the camera that are commands, not actual presets. And those preset #'s are the ones in the 60's or 70's.
  8. OICU2

    Calling a specific ptz preset from BI app?

    Awesome, thanks jaydeel!
  9. OICU2

    Calling a specific ptz preset from BI app?

    The presets do not go numerically high enough. They only go to number 19. There are bunch after that listed as "undefined", and I can rename those to the numbers I want, but does renaming actually change the preset # that is sent to the camera?
  10. OICU2

    Calling a specific ptz preset from BI app?

    Is it possible to call a specific ptz preset from within the BI Android app? For example, I want to call preset 69 or 70 to adjust my cams IR spot light.
  11. OICU2

    Can BI record in parallel with DVR?

    As SouthernYankee stated, I do have all my cams connected via switches, none are directly connected to the NVR.
  12. OICU2

    Can BI record in parallel with DVR?

    Yes but I think the limiting factor would depend on how many connections the specific brand cameras can have. I have been running both; had BI since v3 and recently added a Hikvision 16ch NVR last year. My cams are 11 Hik, 2 Dahua and 2 generic 20x PTZ.
  13. OICU2

    Using A PoE Switch to Connect to NVR

    If he already has two subnets in his existing setup, one for the cams that use the POE ports and one for the NVR to be on the regular LAN for access, and he will have the same setup in the basement, it would work the way I described. All camera CAT6 cables would now go into a POE switch that...
  14. OICU2

    Using A PoE Switch to Connect to NVR

    He stated all his CAT6 wires (I assume that's also cameras) run into the NVR on the second floor. So simply moving the NVR to another location and placing a POE switch in between will not require any configuration changes, correct?
  15. OICU2

    Using A PoE Switch to Connect to NVR

    Depending on if your cams are standard POE or POE+, any standard POE/POE+ switch would work. Edit: you can also confirm what wattage your cams pull and make sure the switch outputs more.
  16. OICU2

    Using A PoE Switch to Connect to NVR

    Yes you can do that and there should be no issues.
  17. OICU2

    Choosing hardware setup for BI on Threadripper 2950X system with nVidia

    For your delay issue, try increase the pre-trigger video buffer on the "Record" tab of the specific camera:
  18. OICU2

    Dahua NVR limits number of cameras. How to overcome?

    Most, if not all, NVR's are limited to the actual # of cameras that is advertised, whether physical ports or network cameras.
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    Car versus Pickup Truck

    Just based on the video, it is my non-scientific opinion that the truck is going way too fast for that type of road. If there was a kid there chasing a ball, he'd be smoked. The driver of the car probably did look once (should've looked multiple times), but since the truck was fast, didn't see...
  20. OICU2

    Vinyl Siding, watch this video on how easy it can be to work with

    I have had that tool for many years, even before I started messing around with cameras, it works wonders.
  21. OICU2

    Cat6 cable and RJ45 connector frustration.

    It sounds like you have the two piece type from Monoprice. That inside piece is to help keep the individual wires in the right place and should stay in after you crimp. For the others, the wires will only "pass-through" on special pass-through RJ45 connectors. You will need a special crimp tool...
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    Static IP for NVR

    Thoughts... don't put an NVR on a public IP.. put in a VPN and access it securely.
  23. OICU2

    NVR robbing network speed?

    Understand, process of elimination though. Put it back in and see if things go back to normal. Edit: might have to engage your ISP if they took the old modem off the whitelist.
  24. OICU2

    NVR robbing network speed?

    So you put the new modem in and all of a sudden (immediately?) your wifi speeds dropped? Where's the old modem? Put it back in and see if it changes things.
  25. OICU2

    NVR robbing network speed?

    So this just started after you upgraded your internet plan? No other changes made to your network or devices?
  26. OICU2

    BlueIris - NVDEC & Recorded Clips are Black on All Computers Except BI PC

    Try downloading and installing the K-Lite Codec pack on the PC's that do not play them correctly.
  27. OICU2

    OV2311 possible use as LPR system

    Say no more bother! I do find this interesting but otherwise I have nothing useful to add to this discussion. Carry on!
  28. OICU2

    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    When you say 0-2, is that minimum and maximum time, in milliseconds? For example, my two generic 20x ptz can be set to auto exposure and then show two boxes to set min and max time.
  29. OICU2

    Disguising exposed pvc conduit

    :D Looks good, leave it alone..
  30. OICU2

    Manage Dahua NVR and cameras with Mac?

    It's grayed out because it is set to DHCP. If you would change it to static, you would be able to enter any address you want. But as @bigredfish stated, do not mess with that unless you know what you're doing.