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  1. OICU2

    Calling a specific ptz preset from BI app?

    Is it possible to call a specific ptz preset from within the BI Android app? For example, I want to call preset 69 or 70 to adjust my cams IR spot light.
  2. OICU2

    PC's with embedded UEFI Windows COA

    Does anyone know if I buy a PC that has a Windows 8 COA embedded in the UEFI BIOS from factory, am I able to install Win10 or Win7 with the proper license or is it limited to what's registered in the BIOS? Thx!
  3. OICU2

    Generic Chinese 20x PTZ IP Cam Substream

    Has anyone figured out how to get a substream working in BI from a generic Chinese ebay 20x PTZ? BI detects the cam as IPC/Cantonk and they work fine with that but only use the main stream. If I manually configure them as generic/onvif, I can get BI to use the substream but none of the PTZ...
  4. OICU2

    Camera Motion Recording 00 seconds

    I recently added a new camera and the triggered motion recordings in the BI console come up as 00 seconds and when I try to play them then say not found. If accessing through UI3, it shows the actual duration of the clip (10 seconds) but when the clip is clicked on to play, it keeps saying the...
  5. OICU2

    BI System Messages

    It seems BI resets/clears the system message when it restarts. Is there a setting to keep all messages until manually cleared?
  6. OICU2

    BI Message: "Your license is not authorized to use this version."

    I see this message in the status window of BI: "Your license is not authorized to use this version." Why am I getting it if I have a valid license? And now after an update I have the overlay of "evaluation version" and can only update to the latest critical stable version.
  7. OICU2

    BI & Plate Recognizer

    I noticed BI writes the plate #'s it receives from plate recognizer into the status/messages screen. Is there any way to get that to a text file with a date stamp?
  8. OICU2

    HP Pavilion G6 For BI?

    A friend is looking to setup a few cams with BI. He has a spare HP Pavilion G6 (model G6-1b50us) with the following specs: Product Number - QF761UA#ABA. CPU - 2.60GHz VISION Premium Technology from AMD with AMD Phenom II Dual-Core Mobile Processor P650. Microprocessor Cache - 2MB L2 Cache...
  9. OICU2

    Schedules - How To ?

    Can someone give me a quick run down on the BI "schedules" tab within a specific camera? If I want said camera to have profile 1 from 6am to 8pm and profile 2 from 8pm to 6am, how would I set that in schedules? On the timeline, which color should it appear during the day and how do I get it to...
  10. OICU2

    Is anyone running a generic Chinese 20x PTZ and BI?

    I have an unbranded generic Chinese 20x PTZ IP cam for many years that's been working well with BI. Lately the live view seems to be "lagging" or freezing up every few seconds in the BI console and the UI3 interface. I haven't changed anything that I am aware of except for doing some BI updates...
  11. OICU2

    Motion Sensor and Cloud Shadows

    I searched the help file but I do not see anything for the setting under Object Detection that says "reset detector when: Object exceeds X % ". What should that be set at and can that help eliminate triggers due to clouds and shadows from sunlight changes?
  12. OICU2

    OpenALPR Local Install?

    Has anyone installed OpenALPR locally? If it's open source we should be able to get it and adapt locally to what we need. I am seeing older sites with scripts for windows installs and linux. If it can be compiled or installed locally, it would eliminate the need for the cloud subscription...
  13. OICU2

    Bullet Cam Mounting Procedure

    First time Dahua bullet cam owner here. All my other cams are Hik turret's. Is there a "trick" or certain procedure to mount a Dahua bullet cam (IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E) or do you just screw the whole thing up in one piece?
  14. OICU2

    Any Day Traders?

    Tell me if my logic is correct: As an example, Boeing shares (BA) were down to around $90 last week, now are hovering at $182. If I would've dumped 25k on them last week, this week I'd have almost double my money if I sold out? Is it that easy?
  15. OICU2

    DS-2CD2342WD-I and DS-7608NI-SE/8P - Any Issues?

    Any issues pairing Hik DS-2CD2342WD-I cams with a Hik DS-7608NI-SE/8P NVR? I know some NVR's are said to have issues if the cams aren't the correct region.
  16. OICU2

    Received Email For Blue Iris Extended Support & Maintenance - Legit?

    I received an email last night from the address "share-it! Customer Service <>". The subject is "Your "Blue Iris Extended Support and Maintenance" subscription (MyCommerce Share-it order no. 612341893)". Is this legit?
  17. OICU2

    Replacing Hik NVR hard drives

    If I want to upgrade both my drives to larger sizes, can I just swap them both and be good to go? Or does any part of the Hik config and linux system reside on the hard drives and I would lose all that and have to set it up again?
  18. OICU2

    Monoprice IP Cams?

    Has anyone used Monoprice cams or know if they are rebranded? Monoprice 2.1MP Turret IP Security Camera, 2.8mm Fixed Lens, Matrix IR up to 100ft, IP66 -
  19. OICU2

    BI 5 & Plate Recognizer

    Has anyone successfully deployed plate recognizer in BI 5 with no false readings from either BI overlays or camera OSD's? As mentioned in other threads, PR gets hits off of numbers and letters on screen (not plates) and wastes the number of per month requests that can be made, rendering is...
  20. OICU2

    Daisy Chain an NVR?

    Anyone ever try and daisy chain a Hik NVR? Is it even possible? For example, you have an 8 channel and you maxed it out. You buy a 4 channel, remove one cam from your 8ch, plug the 4ch into your original 8 channel, will the original 8ch NVR see the second NVR as a "camera" with multiple channels?
  21. OICU2

    NVR Hard Drive Sizes

    If using more then one HD in an NVR, is it recommended to keep the drives the same size? I would assume they should also be the same manufacturer and model as well.
  22. OICU2

    Set top DVR with aux hdmi input?

    Something i've been thinking about but haven't done much research on because I really don't know what to search for. Is there a device, set top box, dvr, NVR or whatever, that you can use with your cable TV provider that you can hook your NVR to so it can simply be viewed on any tv in the house...
  23. OICU2

    Hikvision 7616NI-E2 Dual Video Output HDMI & VGA?

    Does anyone know if the Hik NVR can output video from the console to both the HDMI and VGA at the same time?
  24. OICU2

    Help with iVMS 4200

    I have Hik's iVMS 4200 connected to my Hik 7616NI-E2 NVR, it displays all my Hik cameras with no issues in the main view, but does not display my one non-Hik PTZ camera. This camera is working normally and is displayed on the NVR console with no issue. In iVMS it shows as...
  25. OICU2

    Help with DS-7616NI-E2/16P

    Hi folks, long time Hik camera user but first time acquiring one of their NVR's. I have picked up a DS-7616NI-E2/16P NVR and would like to add my existing 12 Hikvision POE cams manually via my existing network and not plugging them directly into the NVR. In the camera setup section, it sees all...
  26. OICU2

    Help with alerts

    Hi all, long time BI user here but never used alerts. Just now trying to configure one camera to set SMS and email alerts when motion is detected. It works when I use the test button but when there is actual motion on the came, nothing happens other then a recording. What am I missing?
  27. OICU2

    BI on iphone using OpenVPN

    Hi, recently setup OpenVPN on my network, everything works fine on my Android phone with the BI app. However, on an iphone, I can successfully connect to my network via openvpn but the BI app does not connect to the BI server. It comes back with "unable to make connection, check server address"...
  28. OICU2

    Unable to update?

    Hi folks, version x64 and the update button is now grayed out and I cannot check for updates. Is this a "feature" ? Thx
  29. OICU2

    Weather Underground Not updating?

    It seems like BIT is not updating my Wunderground weather overlays at the requested intervals. If I manually hit update, it works fine. But no matter what I put in the box, it doesn't do it. What's also weird is I have been using the old Hikvision BETA Pepper app to directly put a weather...
  30. OICU2

    Verint EdgeVR 300

    Anyone ever use a Verint EdgeVR 300 or know if it is a good model NVR?