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  1. NickTheGreat

    Able to view all live cameras/groups on Roku!

    This is what I did. The Blue Iris group method works well. Took a little bit to get working for me, but now works well.
  2. NickTheGreat

    Ammo Shortage

    I went plinking with my AR over July 4th weekend. Didn't realize that I had no more 223 left at home. I haven't checked too many places, but haven't seen any locally for quite a while. :(
  3. NickTheGreat

    Able to view all live cameras/groups on Roku!

    That worked!!! So simple and effective. Appreciate the assistance. Have a great night!
  4. NickTheGreat

    Able to view all live cameras/groups on Roku!

    I'm having trouble getting my BI to show on my Roku. What is meant in the comment of "quick add?" I can't get mine to work either, but does in my browser. I have the user set up in BI, have the group set to that user, so on and so forth. Any other tips? My group name does have a capital...
  5. NickTheGreat

    Best Tablet to View Cams

    I'm curious about this "custom charger." Looks pretty cool :cool:
  6. NickTheGreat

    Fox - Raccoon encounter at night

    I always love your threads, That's awesome footage
  7. NickTheGreat

    Review-OEM IPC-T2231T-ZS Ver 2, 2mp Varifocal Starlight Camera

    For my doorbell cam, I bought a siding block without holes and drilled my own. Okay, I guess it has some holes, but not really for mounting. Granted this is only a doorbell, but I'm pleased with...
  8. NickTheGreat

    How many of you wear "hoodies" in normal life?

    I had another sub-rant typed up about being a grown man with a family and a job. But it sounded too "old man yells at cloud" for my liking.
  9. NickTheGreat

    How many of you wear "hoodies" in normal life?

    I don't wear 'hoodies.' I sometimes wear hooded sweatshirts, or coats with hoods.
  10. NickTheGreat

    My custom made welcome sign to "hide" cam

    I like it. Looks great, even without the camera-hiding aspect of it.
  11. NickTheGreat

    Thermal Camera? Yes, You Read That Right

    I've wanted one of these for years. What type of distance could a guy expect from the consumer grade priced ones?
  12. NickTheGreat

    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    I like that. Mine is on vinyl siding so I bought a vinyl mounting block with a siding profile on the back. But this is a good option for those without that.
  13. NickTheGreat

    New Dahua indoor/outdoor units

    I just got my LaView doorbell working, so I'm not very interested in that. But the second? I can't find much on it. But I'm always interested in Android displays and the like.
  14. NickTheGreat

    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    Yeah I did that. But when I press the button, it almost randomly calls my phone or the wall-tablet. I'd like to have it "call" my phone, the tablet and my wife's phone. I'll have to tinker some more.
  15. NickTheGreat

    Good iOS app to use with ONVIF cameras

    Really? I looked and thought I saw it listed for iOS. My bad.
  16. NickTheGreat

    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    I have a factory edition LaView version of this. Is there any way to get the factory LavIew app to be alerted on multiple phones when the button is pressed? It'd be sweet if I could get it on 2, 3 even better!
  17. NickTheGreat

    Run several CAT6 cables to remote location, or one CAT6 connecting to a POE hub?

    What is the disadvantage of one wire with a switch, as opposed to multiple cables? I pulled 3 cables from my basement to my garage attic, because I assumed it'd be better. But I might actually need another one!
  18. NickTheGreat

    Are these intrusions or uninvited guests?

    That was my first computer experience. My dad bought it in the early 80's, I suppose? I was born in 83 and remember messing with it. He always told me NOT to push that fun reddish-orange button. Sometimes I could push it, but not very often! Some 20 years later, that thing got tossed out...
  19. NickTheGreat

    Good iOS app to use with ONVIF cameras

    I'm not an Apple guy, but I really like TinyCam. I started using it when we got our second baby monitor. You can display multiple cameras per screen with multiple audio streams. I liked it enough that I purchased the Pro version, which is saying something for me.
  20. NickTheGreat

    Bait package for porch pirates...

    So you proved that a guy will come a steal a box if it's left out? Should have at least put some dog poop or a dirty baby diaper inside for his troubles.
  21. NickTheGreat

    Flush wall mount 4 port POE powered switch

    I'm pretty far from a network guy. But if I have a Cat-6 in my garage attic, what disadvantage is there for this, versus running a second Cat-6? I always thought it was considered poor form to have too many layered switches, but I've learned that happens a lot.
  22. NickTheGreat

    My low tech way to get local temperature on cams:

    This is low-tech and high-effective. Well done!
  23. NickTheGreat

    Survival of the Fittest

    I'd like to hear more about this PTZ in the woods. I have woods, and have kicked around a camera out there, maybe even pointing back towards the house!
  24. NickTheGreat

    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    Probably no sense to connect to Alexa if a guy doesn't have any Amazon devices with screens?
  25. NickTheGreat

    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    Thanks man, that seems to have worked. It was working for me before, but never since I upgraded the transformer, and never with my existing mechanical chime.
  26. NickTheGreat

    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    So I've been troubleshooting my LaView One for a while now. New transformer, checked the wiring diagram, all that jazz. Just took everything off and checked my voltages; everything seems fine. I can't even reset the doorbell. I hold the little button for a while and it doesn't do...
  27. NickTheGreat

    Best Tablet to View Cams

    Maybe I need to try again. I'm not very happy with the Fires for anything, they're incredibly slow.
  28. NickTheGreat

    Best Tablet to View Cams

    I will NOT recommend Fire tablets. The one I have is 2 or 3 years old and it can't quite hack it. Someday I'll find a use for the cheap things that I couldn't pass up :(
  29. NickTheGreat

    WeatherStation Buying Advice

    I'm probably part of the problem that looney was talking about above, but I bought a cheap AmbientWeather station a couple years ago. It could upload to Weather Underground and I could have the app on my phone look at my station. But WU really changed their app recently, for the worse. They...