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  1. essjay

    Recommend Graphics Card for Virtualisation

    As I'm bored and in lockdown I'm looking for a little project to entertain myself. I'm waiting for 6 cameras in the post so I need to be occupied until they arrive (swapping out some old Hikvision cameras with new Dahuas). My current setup is BI on an i5-6500/16GB ProDesk and it's funning...
  2. essjay

    Using Cut Video.....

    I've always used the "Cut video..." option on my continuous recordings but find that I miss a second or so which is usually the time taken before BI detects motion. Video has been smooth. Last night I deselected that option and I have to say I'm impressed with the timing - the alert when viewed...
  3. essjay

    ID at 10m/30ft Using Turrets

    I had a car door checker the other night and while we were able to ID the guy (the village idiot), it left me wanting more and thinking I can do better. It was a concealed 5231-Z5 bullet in B&W that got him. Probably as with many others, it's when an incident happens you realise the gaps your...
  4. essjay

    Good Value PFA130-e (x4 for $38)

    I spotted this on AliExpress and thought it might be useful to others. 4 x PFA130-e for $38. No affiliation with the seller nor have I bought from this particular seller previously. Seems to have a long refund if not received by date (28th March).
  5. essjay

    Recommend a Atand Alone PIR Sensor

    I plan to mount multiple LED floods st soffit height of a two story building and want all the floods to come on at the same time. Means I need to wire them all into the same PIR sensor. The plan is to get one but mount it about 10ft off the ground with the lights about another 10ft above that...
  6. essjay

    BI Bitrates VS Camera

    I have 9 cameras in my system (2 x Dahua 2mp, 6 x Hik 3mp and 1 x Dahua 6mp). That will be expanding soon with another 3 Dahuas. In each of the camera's settings, I have the 15fps and the bitrate set to at least 8000 with CBR. In BI if I check the Status -> Cameras, they are all showing the...
  7. essjay

    Some Blue Iris Alerts Not Playing

    I'm running BI5 on an i5-6500 machine and I have an issue where some alerts won't play. The alert thumbnail appears in the alert list and when I click on it, all I see on the main screen is the same still image. The alerts tell me that X seconds (10, 16 secs etc) but they won't play. In BI I...
  8. essjay

    Anyone Running Cat6 Cable & Mains in Parallel

    I have some 20mm trunking along the front of my house that is powering 3 x 13w lights @ 230v (less than 0.2 amps I think) . I want to put an additional camera above one of these lights at the front door. If possible, it makes sense to run the Cat6 cable in the trunking beside the mains. From...
  9. essjay

    BI Triggering Multiple Cameras At The Same Time

    I've noticed this issue this evening where 4-5 of my cameras seem to be triggering at the same time. All in different locations around the house so no single motion could be captured by all of them. Any ideas?
  10. essjay

    Latest Firmware for IPC-HFW8630E-Z

    Hi Andy, Can you share the latest firmware for the Ultra IPC-HFW8630E-Z. Thanks.
  11. essjay

    Migration to a New PC

    Over the weekend I'm going to migrate BI to a new (to me) PC. ProDesk 600 G2, i5-6500, 16GB RAM and a new 240GB SSD with a fresh install of W10Pro. I'll move my 4TB and 8TB WD Purples to this machine. I'm currently on BI 4.something and I'll take this opportunity to upgrade to 5 while I'm in...
  12. essjay

    Which Form Factor for 2xHDD + 1xSSD?

    I'm considering upgrading my BI machine to something with a 6th or newer generation i5 in an Optiplex, Elitedesk or Prodesk machine. The problem I'm having is figuring which of the Dell or HP models can take both my WD Purples (8TB & 4TB) and an SSD for Windows. Both machines with bays for the...
  13. essjay

    Video Breakup

    Anyone have any thoughts as to some video breakup I'm getting? See photo. This occurs when I'm viewing the video in BI. If I export the video and view as an avi in a media player, it seems to be ok. BI v4.7 Camera is a Dahua HFW5231E-Z5 I also get the same issues with a Dahua HDW5231R-Z
  14. essjay

    5231-Z5 Bullet Hang/Slow

    Hi guys, I'm having an issue with my 5231 Z5 and it's forcing me to reboot it every couple of days. In BlueIris I just get a "No Signal" message and the last shot form the camera being all white. When I try and log into the camera it's painfully slow. Takes a few minutes for the login screen to...
  15. essjay

    Dahua IPC-HFW8630E-Z 6MP Ultra Smart Bullet

    @aristobrat suggested that I should start a thread on the HFW8630E-Z and post some videos so you guys can see what the Starvis sensor is like on a 6MP camera. So first up I had some difficulty getting this camera working and tbh I still haven't figured out what the issue is/was. Essentially I...
  16. essjay

    Video Breakup

    Having an issue with the video breaking up as shown in the below recording. The camera is a Dahua HFW8630E-Z, 15fps, 30 iFrame, about 10000 bit rate. Receiver Buffer in BI set to 20MB (max) Any ideas?
  17. essjay

    HFW8630E-Z Losing Time/Frames

    Hi all, Any idea what could be causing my HFW8630E-Z to be losing time/frames. Have a look at the video and watch the camera time in the top right corner. At first I though it was a network issue so I forced 100meg on the switch from the 1GB that it was auto selecting. That seemed to help a...
  18. essjay

    Authorize failed, Please login again!

    Hi guys, I seem to be getting an "Authorize failed, Please login again!" message in about 5 of every 6 login attempts to a Dahua camera. Only on Internet Explorer after installing the add-in for viewing the feed. Anyone get similar and know a fix? Thanks....
  19. essjay

    $17 IR Illuminator Review-ish....

    Thought I'd post some thoughts on an IR Illuminator I picked up from Aliexpress this week. Price was around $17 HOBOVISIN CCTV Array IR illuminator infrared lamp/white light 6pcs Array Led IR Outdoor Waterproof Night Vision for CCTV Camera-in CCTV Accessories from Security & Protection on...
  20. essjay

    Thanks to IPCT!

    I just wanted to pop in and say thanks to the site owners and fantastic forum members that give their time helping others and answering the same questions over and over again (BI hardware, pushing 6mm lenses vs wide angle and so on). Especially @fenderman , @bp2008 and @nayr for their posts on...
  21. essjay

    Pre-trigger Video Buffer

    A question on the Pre-trigger video buffer. Is this only effectively enabled if you are not recording continuously? I'm recording 24/7 but setting alerts when motion is detected. When using iPhone app or desktop software, I'm not seeing any video buffer at all (I have it set to 5 seconds). As...
  22. essjay

    The IR Cannons

    Seems those IR "cannons" that @nayr uses are not on AliExpress any longer but I did find the sellers website if anyone needs them: 3800mW - CCTV 5-90Degree Adjustable Focus 3800mW Surveillance IR Illuminator LED Array 850nm 5-80M|EP-AJD10|Infraed IR Lights 4500mW - CCTV 5-90Degree Adjustable...
  23. essjay

    SD59xx0U-HNI Install Pics

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some photos of the SD59xx0U-HNI (or SD59xx0U-HN) range mounted/installed. I'm considering installing one but concerned it might be too big for the front of my house. Also is the mounting threads similar across the other Dahua mounts? I see the "Lite" version has a more...
  24. essjay

    Offsite (Cloud) Backups

    Does anyone move their recordings off site or to the cloud? I'm playing with the idea of using ARQ + Amazon Cloud Drive to move my Blue Iris files offsite. In particular I'd only move files under 4TB which would cover me for motion alerts but not the constant recording, non-motion files...
  25. essjay

    Only Getting 3fps on a Tablet Running tinyCam Pro

    Hi guys, Hoping someone can help me out..... Picked up an Amazon Fire 7" tablet specifically to wall mount by my front door and to only show the front door camera. I've flashed the tablet with a Nexus ROM so it's only running vanilla Android and a couple of apps in total including tinyCam Pro...
  26. essjay

    Boy vs Dog

    My little lad today. In fairness it was him or the dog. Quite impressed - had his eyes locked on the target, got his weight onto his right leg and took aim.... And yes, he put his trousers on backwards......
  27. essjay

    Putting Together a New Dahua Based System

    Hi guys...... So my brother has asked me to start some research into a system for him which we'll look to build in about 8 weeks. Currently I'm all Hikvision but looking to Dahua for this system as he wants at least 1 camera with a microphone. My thinking is that I might as well stick with the...
  28. essjay

    Migrating BI From Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro (x64)

    I'm looking to migrate my BI installation from Window 7 to Windows 10. Anything special I need to do? Essentially I have BI running on a VM and I'm repurposing my NAS machine to a workstation running Windows 10. Currently the BI machine is Windows 7 Pro VM running on unRAID. Is it simply a...
  29. essjay

    Have the Cameras. How Do You Run Yours?

    So I'm just wondering what other peoples home security strategy is and whether they run with IR or not. I have 6 of the Hikvision 2CD2335-I's and 4 are mounted so far. The other two will be going in this week. I'm using BI for recording. But I'm wondering how others are running their security...
  30. essjay

    Strange 2CD2335-I Lens Issue Maybe?

    Hi guys.... Not sure do I have a defective camera, maybe something set in Blue Iris or a camera setting itself but I'm not getting the zoom from a 6mm 2CD2335-I that I perhaps expected I would have. Take a look at the below two screenshots, taken about 4 hours apart. The night shot seems way...