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    DS-2CE17U8T crashes when selecting WDR/menu sluggish

    Hi all, OK so not an IP camera, but I have this camera connected to my HV 4K DVR via baluns, along with 6 other cameras using the same method without issue. But with this latest camera, the menu option is sluggish, having to press the directional arrows several times before it reacts. If I...
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    Ready to upgrade DVR?

    Hi, I have a Hikvision 7208HQHI Turbo 2mp DVR for home use for a while now, happy with it, coax installed and concealed perfectly with access to power for each camera. I also have a gigabit switch at home, access to PoE switch, 100mb broadband. I used to run a couple of IP cameras over the...
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    Hikvision Villa Door Station - voice playback on alarm input

    Hi, I have got the DS-KV8X02-IM metal door station and DS-KH8301-WT 7" indoor station working perfectly for my home. I also have a Turbo DVR with alarm I/O, currently use a GJD PIR to trigger an "event recording" to an assigned camera. This has given me 100% reliability in filtering out false...
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    Hikvision output to digital door chime

    I have one of the new hikvision WiFi doorbells in the UK, and as we don’t have 16v-24vac chimes in this country, I am having a challenge in finding a solution for a chime. Has anyone found a solution to trigger some sort of digital chime using the output of a hikvision DVR? So when the dvr...
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    Hikvision 2132F-IS - resolution drops when alarm triggered

    Hi All, I have two I cameras from Hikvision, 2132F-IS and a 2532F-IS. Both cameras are set to 3mp 1500 res, but the 2532F-IS is set to continuous recording on a Hikvision 7208HGHI-SH/A Turbo DVR, and the 2132F-IS recording on PIR alarm input. All is well until the alarm is triggered and the...
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    Can't add IP camera - DVR says Offline "(the user is locked)"

    Help! I have just got my second IP camera which is a 2532F-IS mini-dome camera, and my 7208HGHI-S/A DVR won't install it fully: when you go to Camera Management, the camera shows up but the status has "Offline (the user is locked)". Everything else is there; IP address, port, Strong Password...
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    Remotely managing DVR from mobile browser possible?

    Hi, As the title suggests, whenever i try to access my dvr from a mobile browser, it says that thers is no plug in installed. i am using ipad and iphone, which i know has problems with active x controls. is it compatible with apple or android devices? thanks
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    Wiring PIR to alarm input DS-2CD2132F-IS

    Hi, Not sure if I am doing this right, but I want my GJD PIR to trigger recording of multiple cameras off my Hikvision 7208HGHI-SH/A Turbo Hybrid - doesn't have alarm inputs, hence why I purchased a 2132F-IS IP camera with alarm input. I only have one cat5 going to the camera unfortunately,but...
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    Help on conduit sizing for 1280ZJ DM18 back box (UK sizing)

    hi i have bought this back box and have noticed that the compression gland is neither a standard uk 20 or 25mm diameter, looks to be in between the smaller 15mm and 20mm (perhaps 18mm and why its called DM18?). can anyone confirm sizing and if anyone knows where in the uk i can get an adapter...
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    Are all ethernet pairs used with 2132F-IS (Alarm and Audio I/O)?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if there are any unused pairs in the camera's ethernet cable, when the camera has Audio and Alarm I/O? I read that a standard IP camera doesn't need blue/blue & white, and brown/brown & white, but not sure of Hikvision will use both of these for the alarm and audio I/O...