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  1. afrmthabay

    dahua nvr email setup

    Does anyone have their nvr setup through google or Hotmail if so can someone post a screen shot of their setup I can't get my email to work with google I am using port 465 and ssl for encryption.
  2. afrmthabay

    web email setup

    Anyone familiar on how to setup any type of email setup through the web to get alerts ? I could do it on the nvr but not on the web and the setup is different unfortunately
  3. afrmthabay

    Pixelated pixture and motion wiith one of my IPC-HFW5421EP-Z's

    Hi, So I bought two of these cameras (IPC-HFW5421EP-Z) recently and one right off the back did not have a clear crisp picture (it look faded and pixelated and when someone would walk by or myself it would really pixelate . I notice the firmware on this camera is 2.400. but all the other cameras...
  4. afrmthabay


    I finally got my NVR up just testing it out before setting it up. I got everything from Andy and everything is working great. Thanks for all the help everyone. I'm still learning everything and I am playing around with the NVR right now. I was able to get the IOS app going for my iphone and some...
  5. afrmthabay

    Trying to login into my new Duhua 2 HDD nvr

    Hi everyone I have been trying to login into my NVR I just got and it tells me to set up a password but then tells me I have an invalid password I tried 888888 the whole way through and 666666 the whole way through and 666666 as just my old password and 888888 as just my old. Any suggestions?
  6. afrmthabay

    IPC-HFW5421E-Z 4mp motorized Bullet

    Anyone have any feedback on these cameras ?
  7. afrmthabay

    color night vision camera

    Is there a good duhua camera that has color night vision ?
  8. afrmthabay

    Newbee looking for a LPR/8 camera system

    Hi I am new to this but I want to buy a decent camera system and I heard Dahua is the way to go for my house with a License plate reader. I'm looking to install 6 bullet cameras, one PTZ, and one LPR. Any recommendations for under $2,000 if possible?
  9. afrmthabay


    Hi I am Amris from California thanks for having me