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  1. toonwolf

    PTZ with autotracking can it be used for automated sports broadcast?

    I had this crazy idea. Would it be possible to use a ptz camera to broadcast sports? What I would like to achieve is an unmanned broadcast of let's say a soccer game. It doesn't need to be perfect TV if you know what I mean. This is not MLS, more like amateur leagues. I have no experience with...
  2. toonwolf

    Blue Iris Snapshot on Grimm?

    I've been watching all episodes of Grimm. In S03E21 aired last saturday Capt. Renard shows some surveillance footage from a hotel. The overlay looks exactly like the ones in BI. Or is this used in many other systems aswell?
  3. toonwolf

    People counter using camera

    Does anyone have a suggestion for people counting using camera? The reason why I need this is to count the number of people looking at a Digital Signage TV. The camera is mounted just above the Digital Signage TV. This information can be used to sell advertisements. I have contacted the...
  4. toonwolf

    Storhamar Football club

    Finally finished this little project of mine. I have three sons (9,11 and 17) all playing football/soccer. I appreciate what the local club is doing for the community, so I've been helping them out with various IT projects on my spare time. They are selling food and clothes in the club house...
  5. toonwolf

    Made a tune that will scare any thief away

    One of my cams will trigger an alert that will sound an audio file in BI that will play over a Bluetooth speaker hidden in the ceiling. The burglar will (hopefully) piss in his pants:victorious: The Sound was orginally alarm.wav from the Sounds folder in BI, but I "jazzed" it up a little because...
  6. toonwolf

    Need some advice for motion detection in BI

    I would like some advice/help choosing settings for motion detection in Blue Iris. The area I would like to use motion detection on has been marked as a hot spot, but for some reason it will not trigger the recording. Can someone please have a look at my settings and tell me what I'm doing...
  7. toonwolf

    Version 3.52.00 - May 14, 2014

    If "nosignal.jpg" is found in the Program Files/Blue Iris/Cameras/camera short name folder, it will be loaded and displayed/posted/recorded in place of the standard grey background with "No signal" text. Updates to RTCP code which will keep some devices from dropping the stream, causing...
  8. toonwolf

    Zavio D7111 unable to add camera

    SOLVED: Zavio D7111 unable to add camera I've tried the various Zavio cameras inn BI but I'm unable to add this camera. Can someone please help?
  9. toonwolf

    God dag from Norway

    New to IP-cams, but computer geek and working as an IT technician. On my spare time I'm helping my local non-profit soccer club to install a surveillance system. After doing some testing with various software both cloud and pc based, I decided for the following setup (it had to be cheap)...