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    Guys - I'm guessing the answer is No but any way to turn off the sound the camera makes when turning on/off the IR light automatically depending on day/night conditions nit he room Thx
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    RDP audio issues

    guys in BI service mode, live audio doesn't come through on my RDP 'remote audio' but recordings audio works. Without service mode, both work. Any way to get this to work in service mode too? Thx The author of BI sent this - It's a bit of a quandary... technically services have no interaction...
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    Amcrest ip2m-841 2-way audio

    Guys - I saw some old threads on this but they had no conclusion. Has anybody gotten 2-way audio to work through the blue iris mobile app? Thx
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    UI3 and mobile app camera layout

    Guys - how is it possible to change the camera layout in the mobile app and also UI3 console? Currently I have 8 cameras and the two indoor cameras occupy the largest area on the top followed by outdoor cameras. In BI console, I played around with changing frame size but it didn't change any of...
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    8TB WD Purple - how much free space to keep?

    Folks - are most of you keeping 15% free space on your surveillance hard drives to run it efficiently or no need with Windows 10 OS these days? I want to make sure I'm setting my clips and archiving setting correctly but of course maximize how many days the recordings are kept. In windows, the...
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    Blue iris cheap hardware

    guys - I run 9 2mp cameras at 15fps on my current primary PC and want to move BI to its own hardware - should have listened to everybody's advice in the first place ;) I need something cheap that'll do the job. It's possible I may replace the 2mp with 4mp cameras in the future. What does...
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    Export video quality

    folks is that a noticeable difference to the human eye if i change 60% video quality to 100% when exporting? I already unchecked re-encode video
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    Folks -does the 5231R have any settings to reduce false alerts from car headlights? Any exposure, settings etc that I should tinker around with? Thanks
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    IR Day and night - 5231Z-RE

    Folks My infrared does not switch automatically and remains in color mode through the night. I wanted to get to black and white mode at 7:00 p.m. but the time may differ in the summer months. Is there any functionality within the camera console to adjust based on sunrise and sunset time. J...
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    BI clean install

    folks A month ago, I backed up blue iris configs before changing some camera settings and when I restored them, things have not been so smooth. BI, despite using quick sync correctly seems to interfere with other apps running on this PC. The CPU doesn't show a spike but somehow BI seems to take...
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    "capture an alert list image"

    folks - does anybody know what does this option in camera settings do "capture an alert list image" Does it post images to my folder when a motion is detected? Thx
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    BI mobile app Get IPS

    Guys - my Internet WAN ip address changed and when I go to the BI app and hit Get IPS, it doesn't automatically reflect the right IP address and I have to manually enter it and can then connect. This worked before - is there some port I need to allow in/out? I want this functionality to work...
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    Multiple zones

    Guys - so far I've got most of my camera configurations with 2 zones like B-C or C-D but trying to evaluate if I should experiment with 3 zones in a single rule. For e.g. BC-D which to be means an object should cross both zones B & C and get to D to trigger. However, will this help in my...
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    Backup Configuration

    Folks - when one does a backup from the main settings dialog, does it export all settings including individual camera settings or does each camera have to be backed up separately? Thanks
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    PIR sensor

    Guys My blue iris with sentry AI hasn't been able to get me to a 0 false positive rate. Hence I think I want to introduce a PIR sensor into the mix with both talking to maybe a raspberry PI machine and when it sees both detecting a human that's when i should get and alert and be woken up at...
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    Alerts set-up

    Can you folks kindly see my thread in the Sentry forum - it's really a General Alerts question but I mistakenly put it under Sentry Thanks
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    Sentry alerts for specific times only

    Guys - how do I configure BI alerts section in camera so that I can only get alerts when it's 'Sentry Confirmed'. Also, is it possible to get alerts only between 10pm-5am at night eve though my night/day schedule is different Thanks
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    Wait until triggered at least X times

    Folks - how popular is this feature in BI under Alerts or very few people using it? I would like to use it but don't have a deep understanding yet. in my case my make time is 0.6 seconds. If I set the alert for the camera that looks over my 15x20 front yard, at the moment the person is already...
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    Easier way to make zones?

    Folks - sometimes, my zones get complicated and are more than a straight line. Is there an easier way to do a zone and then inverse it? For e.g. the attached image is zone B. I wish I could simply copy zone B to zone C and then hit Inverse but doesn't seem this works. Hence, I'm forced to...
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    Blue iris alerts delayed by 4-10 mins

    folks I can't figure this one out. It used to work well but no longer does. All my alerts to my android phone are delayed by 4-10 mins. I've turned off 3d Alerts but no difference and it's the same with all cameras. Does anybody using Android here can test out? Thx
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    Setting zones

    folks - is the best way to set up zones for folks approaching the front yard from the street to set Zone A to catch everything, zone B for the street and zone C for the front yard and then make a rule B-C? I've read the manual but don't fully comprehend why zone A is set to catch all. Can...
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    BI ports

    folks - i'm tightening down my windows firewall to allow BI access to only google servers to send alerts to my phone and of course allow any updates from BI servers. I have the google IP address block info but anybody got the BI servers Thx
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    Dahua Face Detection alerts in BI

    folks I've enabled Face detection in a Dahua 5231R camera and had it on IVS prior to this and BI was configured and receiving alerts defined as ONVIF/external. I'm trying to understand if I should see alerts every time the camera detects a face in BI. I don't care about the actual face, just...
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    For anybody who has GPU working correctly, can you check if your GPU performance chart shows any number besides 0% and is it GPU/3D or GPU/Video Encode Thanks
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    Avoiding animals in alerts

    Folks - Does BI have in-built functionality to stop giving me alerts for cats & racoons. I have been consistently moving object size upwards and now at 603 but the camera does keep catching animals which are about 10 feet distance from it. Any way to avoid this without paying for a Sentry...
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    High CPU overnight

    guys - I am running the latest version x64 (4/19/20) in service mode with 8 2MP cameras, 15fps, all CPU optimization implemented from the help and this forum. During the day, if I have the console up or closed, the CPU stays manageable in the 30's or 40's. However, overnight the CPU goes...
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    Zone-based detection not working

    folks I've been troubleshooting this with Ken who I assume is the author of BI and so far he's not been able to get this to work. In the past, these forums have been able to solve a few issues he's not been able to (go figure!). In parallel, I am using IVS on my other camera facing the front...
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    Mic not working with Dahua or Amcrest cameras

    guys - I have the IPC-HDW5231R-ZE and IP2M-841 and both of these cameras have microphones. However, I'm unable to get BI to work with them. I've read through some forums topics but nothing concrete to help me troubleshoot this. The mic has been tested on Windows and set to allow all...
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    GPU load with intel quick sync

    guys - I have 8 2MP cameras at 15fps and GPU load in performance shows only 20% - is that normal? I would have thought it'll be much bigger Also do folks go with the default h264 or change to h265 which is supposedly more efficient? Thx
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    IVS tripwire and target size

    guys - I've configured tripwire in the first image and target size in the 2nd image. Can somebody validate if the setting looks ok - I'm trying to expand this config to all cameras and wanted to hear from you folks if all looks ok. Tripwire rules have worked good so far; do I need Intrusion...