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    Dahua Cam Ultra Low Light Testing

    I've decided to document some testing of a variety of Dahua cams for myself, and I figured I'd share my testing here with everyone as well. I live in a rural area, so ambient lighting is sometimes non-existent in some locations. Low light performance is incredibly important, as some of these...
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    Dahua NVR52 4.0 PTZ control

    I'm looking through the web browser interface of an NVR5216 that is controlling a SD49225XA-HNR, and I can't for the life of me find anywhere to control the PTZ functions, like setting presets, tours, patterns, as well as idle motion. Usually this wouldn't be a big deal as I'd just login to the...
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    Erratic PTZ Control

    Has anyone else had erratic control of their PTZ Dahua cameras using the iOS iDMSS app? I have someone with a SD49225T-HN, that says they often have issues where they go to move the camera using their iPhone, it just starts spinning around in circles. Their app is up to date, and I just...
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    Budget Starlight to replace 4231EM-ASE

    I've been using the HDW4231EM-ASE as my budget Starlight camera, but with this new generation of cameras coming out, I'm thinking it may have some competition. I'm interested in the T2431T-AS-S2. I'd usually be turned off of a 4MP 1/3" Sensor camera, but it seems to be performing well at...
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    IPC-HDW4231EMP-ASE Won't Conenct

    I have a IPC-HDW4231EMP-ASE that I can't seem to get a connection to. It was last connected to around January. It was installed in a remote location without Internet access, and hadn't been checked all winter. They went to go connect to it in the spring and couldn't get a connection. It was...
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    P2P remote vs local connection

    So I know the controversy surrounding P2P connections, but I have a questions about them. Does anyone know how direct of a connection it attempts to create between your device and your camera? Say you are on the same subnet as the camera with your phone. When you initiate a P2P connection...