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    Is the SD49225T-HN still worth it? Or are there better alternatives with full PTZ?

    As for low temperature, I've used both cameras in Canada, and we often dip down to - 40c a few times each winter. They've both handled the cold very well.
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    Dahua Cam Ultra Low Light Testing

    Thanks for the confirmation, I try to buy good quality testing equipment, just can't afford to spend thousands on it. I hadn't used a lux meter in many years, since I worked for a Plant Growth Chamber company and had to calibrate light levels in the chambers. I can't honestly remember the...
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    Dahua Cam Ultra Low Light Testing

    Yes, sorry I forgot that. It is an extech lt300. It hasn't been calibrated, but as long as it's accurate to itself it should be good for my comparisons. It also should give people a rough idea of lighting levels I am testing at.
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    Dahua Cam Ultra Low Light Testing

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    Dahua Cam Ultra Low Light Testing

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    Dahua Cam Ultra Low Light Testing

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    Dahua Cam Ultra Low Light Testing

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    Dahua Cam Ultra Low Light Testing

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    Dahua Cam Ultra Low Light Testing

    I've decided to document some testing of a variety of Dahua cams for myself, and I figured I'd share my testing here with everyone as well. I live in a rural area, so ambient lighting is sometimes non-existent in some locations. Low light performance is incredibly important, as some of these...
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    IPC-T2431T-AS IPC-T2231T-ZS Molec V2.800.0000000.24.R.201014

    What about an HDW2231R-ZS? I assume that is on a different FW?
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    What UPS

    The thing is, what do you do with a self monitored alarm? Are you actually going to get your guns and go out there and confront them? You HAVE to assume they are armed. So you want to ask your neighbours to put themselves in a dangerous situation to protect your property when you aren't at...
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    What UPS

    I don't disagree with you at all. Whenever I meet with a new customer I start out by going over the downfalls of camera systems, including how tough it can be to get a good identifying picture of a person. At times I'm sure it seems I'm trying to talk them out of cameras. I also propose a...
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    What UPS

    I just measured on Google Maps, the next closest resident is 2.5 Miles away through hills and trees. An alarm will be uncomfortable maybe, but anyone breaking into his cabin knows no one can hear them out there. The closest police department, which is manned by 2 officers I believe, is about...
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    What UPS

    No he doesn't, and I know we probably should be starting with that over cameras, but monitored alarm systems have pretty limited value in my area. A self monitored system is about as good as anything out here. He's wanting to actually be able to check on the place visually as well, so for...
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    What UPS

    Yes, I have a customer that had a cabin broken into semi-recently. The socketed power meter is on the outside of the house. All the thieves had to do was knock the power meter out of the socket, and power to the cabin was cut. I'm installing a camera system on a UPS, as well as their...
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    Help needed for indoor and outdoor camera's

    Andy has Coax to Ethernet adapters that are more reasonably priced. If you order from him you can confirm which adapters you need in which spot, as it will change depending on if the Cam or NVR supports ePOE.
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    New 2431- dreaded fog in the lens That's the exact bags I bought.
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    Does anyone have experience with the new Amcrest NV4216-AI?

    This doesn't seem quite right. There are 3 important specs for determining what cameras your NVR can support. The amount of cameras it can support (often 8 or 16), the incoming bandwidth, and the decoding capability. The amount of cameras it can support is an easy one. If the NVR only...
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    Review - Dahua SD49225XA-HNR 2MP 25x Starlight + IR PTZ AI Camera with Deep IVS & SMD Plus

    Even set as only detecting humans/vehicles it seems to pick up our dog and does attack in on it. Haven't watched it long enough to see if it loses tracking or how reliable it is, but the fact it can track in on the dog, I'm sure it can be tweaked to perform well following them.
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    Dahua Cam is fogged up

    Yes the only cameras I've had this issue with are SD1A203T-GN, but they are also the only dome cameras I have used. I feel like dome cameras are worse for this, as there is an air gap between the camera and the dome, where you can get quite a temperature change. Other styles don't seem as...
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    IVS dialing out cats/Squirrels

    I can't remember about the web interface but you do on the nvr and on smart pss.
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    IVS dialing out cats/Squirrels

    When you view the live stream you can also view the iVS rules in real time. It will show you the rule box you drew, and it will also highlight anything it picks up in scene. If you watch that you'll notice that the box it draws around a cat is actually larger than the cat itself, and probably...
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    Dahua NVR52 4.0 PTZ control

    I'm looking through the web browser interface of an NVR5216 that is controlling a SD49225XA-HNR, and I can't for the life of me find anywhere to control the PTZ functions, like setting presets, tours, patterns, as well as idle motion. Usually this wouldn't be a big deal as I'd just login to the...
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    New 2431- dreaded fog in the lens

    What colour is the dessicant bag inside the camera? I had this issue, bought some new dessicant bags, and replaced the one in the camera as it was saturated. It was fine ever since.
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    Erratic PTZ Control

    Has anyone else had erratic control of their PTZ Dahua cameras using the iOS iDMSS app? I have someone with a SD49225T-HN, that says they often have issues where they go to move the camera using their iPhone, it just starts spinning around in circles. Their app is up to date, and I just...
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    Budget Starlight to replace 4231EM-ASE

    Any feedback is great. I have been looking at the 5442 series and will bring some in, but as they are $50 more than the 4231, they are headed the other direction from the T2431T, which is $80. I need a lower cost camera than the 5442 to start out with, as alot of people aren't going to shell...
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Rhea V2.800.0000016.0.R.200605 Latest new firmware

    Where did you find it? The most recent one I found was from the end of 2019.
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    Budget Starlight to replace 4231EM-ASE

    I've been using the HDW4231EM-ASE as my budget Starlight camera, but with this new generation of cameras coming out, I'm thinking it may have some competition. I'm interested in the T2431T-AS-S2. I'd usually be turned off of a 4MP 1/3" Sensor camera, but it seems to be performing well at...
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    Long Range POE Camera Solutions for a rural application

    So the uplink port is not epoe, you'd have to use one of the 4 switch ports for your uplink as well, effectively becoming a 3 port switch. What about using a set of lr1002 cat5 to coax epoe adapters between a couple of normal switches, anyone ever try that?
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    Intrusion Detection Regions And Small Animals

    That is something I am actually not clear on, as there seems to be a difference between the Web Interface and the SmartPSS Interface. Using SmartPSS I usually get a couple options for setting up IVS rules the Web Interface doesn't have such as: Width & Height/Width or Height selection - This...