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  1. bigbadw

    Unable to eliminate video "traces" during movement

    My Hikvision 2cd2042wd-i camera does not record a clear image of a person during movement. The image is blurred of the person moving with "traces". I sure have tried multiple configuration changes (the camera itself is set to 20fps, as is BlueIris, but that synchronization doesn't seem to help...
  2. bigbadw

    BI 5 - iPhone app no longer able to connect

    Upgraded to BlueIris 5. Upgrade went smooth. Configuration files migrated well and all cameras appear to be working correctly. BUT the iPhone application can no longer connect. Even within the same Wifi LAN. Even through cellular WAN. (each time making sure that only wifi was on, but...
  3. bigbadw

    Best O/S for Blue Iris

    fenderman, nayr, any recommendations on the best O/S to use for Blue Iris? I am currently running Windows 10 Pro, and wondered if a linux O/S would offer better granular control of components.
  4. bigbadw

    Properly configuring multiple hard drives

    fenderman, now that I think I have BlueIris configured properly thanks to you (I'm still monitoring the CPU as the culprit causing my ghosting and frozen frames), I see that I need to properly configure my new hard drives. Can you double check my understanding below? I have the following hard...
  5. bigbadw

    Need help tuning BI to stop Frozen frames, ghosting,

    I have tried everything I can think of to remove potential data processing bottlenecks, and yet still have issues with videos that have "frozen images" and ghosting... System: Dedicate PC running only the latest Blue Iris and Windows 10 Pro (64bit). i7-3770k, 8G ram, 4 hard drives (1-OS, 2-main...
  6. bigbadw

    Would a specific graphics card improve BI?

    I looked through past posts and am thinking that adding a dedicated graphics card could improve the performance of BI on my intel security PC running Windows 10 Pro. Currently, I have 12 cameras, (which increase by 2 when we travel for a period of time to cover internal house locations). CPU...
  7. bigbadw

    Difficulty aiming video to new additional harddrives

    I just added two new hard drives. The purpose was to remove the bottleneck of only one hard drive for the 12 cameras. (recently, with the thanks and guidance from "nayr" and "pozzello" and "cam235" I got nighttime License Plate Capture (LPC) cameras working). This additional video capture...
  8. bigbadw

    How to physically upgrade lens on Hikvision DS-2CD2T32

    Does anyone know how, or can point me toward information on how I can physically change the lens on my DS-2CD2T32-i5. Because I purchased it from Alibaba, Hikvision USA will not even allow me to talk with Technical support. I have looked for any information online, but so far have come up...
  9. bigbadw

    Eliminating video anomalies...

    I only seem to have two more items I am trying to resolve. This one is when video captured by Blue Iris will have "traces" of the picture, that actually blur the image over a period of time in the playback of the video. I can't seem to find rhyme nor reason for this. It doesn't always happen...
  10. bigbadw

    Help with Sound on Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I(S) camera

    I picked up the Hikvision Dome camera (DS-2CD2732F-I(S)). It has a wire plug to connect sound IN (microphone) and sound OUT (externally powered speaker). It will be mono, since the connection to the camera is one (in) and one (ground) for both the microphone and sound out. I have experimented...
  11. bigbadw

    Blue Iris V4 - 64bit LOOKING GOOD!

    I upgraded to the new version 4, 64bit app. It is running outstanding and is actually (to my surprise) using less memory than version 3, 32bit. I was limited on the number of cameras I could run on the 32bit version. I had around 7 cameras running and was pegging out at around 1.8g of memory...
  12. bigbadw

    Blue Iris 64bit

    Any news on Blue Iris upgrade to a 64bit application?
  13. bigbadw

    Trying to get jpeg image sent along with text alert

    I dont seem to be able to get an image sent along with a text alert. I see the option and have it selected. I get the text alert but there is no image sent along with it. I use ATT (cell service) and Yahoo is the e-mail service. Does anyone have this option working?
  14. bigbadw

    IR lighting too bright

    I'm trying to find a way to illuminate an area at night, without being obnoxious or obvious. It looks like the standard nighttime IR lighting is very bright for the cameras. In reading there is something called "covert IR" that is in the 940-950nm infra red range. I'm not finding the specs on...
  15. bigbadw

    Setting up Profiles

    I am trying to figure out how to solve a particular recording situation and think that Profiles may be the answer. I have two cameras in one group. When either of them are triggered, they both start recording. This lets me cover a larger field of view, left to right, and capture movement...
  16. bigbadw

    Two external Hard Drives?

    Is it possible to configure Blue Iris with two external hard drives, and aim some cameras to one disk, then aim the remaining cameras to the second disk? The setting would be "directly to disk" for both sets of cameras video streams.
  17. bigbadw

    Two way Audio either through camera or other device?

    I have a Vivotek FD8361 dome camera located at my front door. It supports two way audio and works via Internet Explorer. My issue is getting it to work via an iPhone application, while I am away from the house. The phone alerts me that someone is approaching the front door through the...
  18. bigbadw

    Any way to get 3mp 12mm camera capture license Plates?

    I picked up a Hikvision 3mp with a 12mm lens. I got the correct placement viewing the mailbox and road. I don't seem to be able to find settings within BlueIris allowing video or grabbing a picture that can capture a license plate. Any advice?
  19. bigbadw

    Audio through cameras using BlueIris Discussion

    I am wondering if there are others out there who would be willing to discuss and help get Camera Audio (microphone & speakers) working through the Blue Iris software? The first camera I am working with is a Vivotek FD8361 dome camera. It is located at my front door and has a microphone as well...
  20. bigbadw

    Blue Iris IOS app - IOS 8.0 update problem?

    I hope I'm not jumping the gun on this one, but is anyone else having trouble accessing BlueIris using your iPhone app once you've upgraded to the new IOS 8.0? It was working fine until I upgraded, now I am unable to find/log in to the server using the BlueIris app. I have done all the trouble...
  21. bigbadw

    Windows PC configuration question

    I am a long time, residential BlueIris customer. * Is there a 64bit version of BlueIris? This would help the memory max issue. * Are there better system configurations for handling the CPU requirements of BlueIris? As the price of Camera's have been coming down, I have been...
  22. bigbadw

    Blue Iris Questions

    Update: Oops, I think I posted this to the wrong discussion... my bad...... Mike, I am a long time, residential BlueIris customer. * Is there a 64bit version of BlueIris? This would help the memory max issue. * Are there better system configurations for handling the CPU...
  23. bigbadw

    Dash Cam - Planet Halo

    I am a fan of the Planet Halo line of Dash cams. Currently I have the PH4 model in my motorhome (4 camera system) and a PH2 in my regular vehicle, Toyota 4Runner (2 camera system). They can be wired to a constant source of 12volt power and therefore act as a security system for the vehicle...