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    Please don't flame me! Anything better than the Dahua app?

    I just had a Dahua NVR and 5 cameras installed around my vacation home. Previously, I had Blink cameras. I like being able to quickly look at motion events to see what has been happening when I'm away (deliveries, contractors, etc.). With Blink it gave a list of "events" for all cameras and I...
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    Motion detection question: Dahua NVR and cameras

    I'm having a local vendor install a system in my house. I'd like to be able to see motion detection events on the NVR or an app. When I asked the vendor about it he said that they don't set them up for motion detection and that would be something extra. Does that seem right? Can't all NVRs log...
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    Intermittent Disconnecting 3 cameras. Any Troubleshooting Tools?

    I have 3 wireless Amcrest cameras. One is working fine (IP2M-841B-V3) but the two others (IPM-HXZ1W and IP3M-HX2W) are dropping the connection all the time. Each drop is only for a few seconds (see below image). They worked great for a year and now they're both acting up. I don't know that I...
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    Setup for rental property?

    I'm in the north and we bought a property in Florida that we'll be renting. I'd like 2-3 cameras on the outside of the house. I just want to be able to check in remotely on the recordings. I wouldn't need a lot of space for storing. Since I'm not there I'd like something pretty simple to set...
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    Troubleshooting New EmpireTech SD1A203T-GN

    Just set up and having a couple of issues. Here's what I have: Found and initialized in Duhua tool. I can see the image fine. - No problem. When I access via IP address on the web I can get to the interface fine but the image never appears. - The circle thing goes round and round. I can add...
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    Looking for Some Direction/Recommendation

    Hi: Just joined. Looking for a recommendation on a new camera. I currently have 3 Amcrest indoor cameras that work pretty well. However, I'm seeing some negative posts so I'm open to other suggestions. Looking for a camera outside my front door (attached above): Any recommendations? I...