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    UI3 - & 4

    Hello, I've been running a separate micro PC for nearly a year now, which, on startup, opens UI3 on 2 screens (in Chrome) . (Basically my surveillance monitor station). Only changes to this system would be regular windows and application updates. I noticed that after upgrading the BI Server...
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    Android App - Crashing - iPad App OK

    Hello, The Android App seems to crash a lot. I was running it on an Android 6.0 Lenovo tablet. I thought it was possibly the device and OS being old, so I bought a brand new Samsung Tablet (Android 9.0) and a new iPad. Running both the new iPad and Samsung Tablet side by side, the iPad App...
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    Version - Does anyone have a copy?

    Hello, I'm currently running It runs great, but I can see that I'm nearly 6 months behind on updates. I originally disabled updates because I didn't have time to test the new updates as they were released. I use to have a nice repository of all of the updates, but I accidentally nuked...