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    BI Not Recording (on motion)

    I have been using BI4 with no issues until recently I noticed it was no longer recording clips. I have 12 cameras (different brands). I went in BI and checked everything and it seems like my setting have not changed. I "tweaked" the settings (lowered res on several cameras) and upgraded to BI5...
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    Comparable Camera to the IPCT-HDW5231RE-I

    I bought the IPCT-HDW5231RE-I camera last year and really like the quality wide picture it gives. It has a nice wide view and does great in low light. Now it isn't available. What would be comparable to this camera?
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    4MP Starlight Turret IP Camera Plugin Needed?

    Do the IPCT cameras, specifically the 4MP Starlight Turret, require a software plugin when setting up?
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    How Does Remote Viewing Work With Dlink?

    I have 5 Dahua cameras and 1 Ipcamtalk camera on my BlueIris software. Unfortunately I have satellite internet and cannot easily remotely view my cameras. Long story short, A friend suggested I try a Dlink camera. It was extremely easy to setup with the wps button and I can view it remotely. I...
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    Network from Barn to House

    I have multiple cameras in my barn that are connected to a BI computer. We lived in the barn loft while building our house, so everything is setup and working fine in the barn. I wanted to send that LAN over to the house so I bought 2 Ubiquiti M2 and a Ubiquiti AP. The first M2 is setup on the...
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    Verizon Jetpack Connection

    I have moved to a rural area where only Satellite or Verizon MiFi is an option for internet service. I have 6 Dahua cameras setup in our barn and need access to them remotely. They work great on my LAN. A little research shows satellite service is not an option for port forwarding so... I have a...
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    Please Help Setup IPC-HDW5231RP-Z

    Background; I have installed and setup sucessfully several Foscam cameras in the past. I used Blue Iris for my software. I have now moved to a new home and wanted to install a "better" camera system leaving my old one behind. After doing a lot of reading here on ipcamtalk I decided on going with...
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    Wi-Fi Direct?

    I have several Foscam cameras up and they are working great with BI. My main problem is data usage. I have a 250GB monthly limit with my service provider and I am worried I will reach that this month. 95% of our camera viewing is on mobile devices with range of our home LAN, but the way things...
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    Clinton VF1000ir

    Hi, I'm new to the DIY security cameras and recently installed 3 wireless FOSCAMS (2 Outdoor and 1 Indoor). I went wireless due to the distance between the cameras and my house. I used a Ubiquiti M2 to give me access to the cameras. No real problems so far and having fun installing and...