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    DH-SD49225XA-HNR PTZ. lost connectivity

    I have a DH-SD49225XA-HNR PTZ. which had worked flawlessly ( as did all my dahua cams). We have another rainstorm yesterday and now I see no connectivity I checked the ethernet cable with a POE tester and also swapped it with a known good outside cable. the device will power on, I can...
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    DH-SD49225T-HN and unable to view in Chrome

    I have both a DH-SD49225T-HN and a DH-SD49225XA-HNR PTZ. I can see the newer one on chrome without issues but no longer seem to be able to see the 49225T on Chrome browser ( or IE or Brave) I get a " Adobe Flash blocked" I can see the cam on BI and on smart PSS but cant seem to access it...
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    new Dahua System recommendation

    I have a current AMCREST 4k system. It has its issues but for the money and I happy and it is fit for purpose. I have to replace a few cameras ( It is still cabled) so I thought I would bite the bullet and install some Cat6 at the existing camera site. I am looking at the Amcrest 4K UltraHD...
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    Upgrading Samsung SDH-C74040

    I have an existing SDH-C74040 1080P system. It has a lot of older cameras with exisiting analog (BNC) cables and cameras. I feed the camera to Blue Iris ( it works great) and I can monitor two houses plus my IP cameras) perfectly. I do NOT want to rewire the house. Is there an improvement...