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    Is the 5231 still TopDog?

    Me too. And surely it can't be too long until this becomes a reality, although I can see how it might take a little longer to design and manufacturer (at scale) a VF version, especially for a new sensor, and didn't the 5231 get released some time after the equivalent fixed lens version as well?
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    Dahua DVR/Cams - Night time motion detection and bugs!

    Thinking out loud here, this seems like a problem that the new AI tech could solve. Given enough footage it should be possible to train an ML algorithm to reliably identify flying bugs / spiders (especially under IR light) and then ignore them for motion detect. It's easy for a human to do...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Does anyone have any details about the new sensor so I can research some of the technical specs and differences to the previous Sony Starvis? It's quite impressive to claim a 2x resolution increase and x3 low light sensitivity.
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    Need advice between Dahua IPC-HFW1831C-PIR 4k and Dahua IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS Starlight Camera-Varifocal.

    Hi @aristobrat, I'm curious about running the 1831C-PIR at 2MP. If the camera performs some sort of pixel binning then the low light performance would improve and presumably narrow the gap to the 2MP starlights (of similar sensor size and aperture). Have you ever tried this on this camera (or...
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    Cam recommendation for Nursery - Preferably Dahua

    Looks like Hikvison have a 2MP darkfighter cube cam, which seems perfect for this use case and likely better than the Dahua equivalent in low light. DS-2CD2425FWD-I(W) 2 MP IR Fixed Cube Network Camera Anyone have any experience/reviews/comments on this as I'm also looking to buy a baby cam...
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    Any Opinions On Ubiquiti Protect/Cloudkey?

    I agree 100% with aristobrat. I have a Unifi network and it's great, especially for setting up a dedicated vlan for your cameras and then powering them with PoE, but in my opinion (and from what I've read elsewhere) you'll get a better quality more capable/flexible system using Blue Iris and...
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    Dahua Starlight Mini-Dome 3.6mm (IPC-HDB4231C-AS)

    Andy shipped a load of cams recently and I got notification of one of mine being posted, but these wedge cams were not on his original inventory list so we'll have to wait longer for them.
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    Dahua Starlight Mini-Dome 3.6mm (IPC-HDB4231C-AS)

    yeah, seems like the tech has matured to the point where you can get decent images for a reasonable cost, so I've decided to expand my setup and coverage. My 3yr old Hikvision cams may also get replaced eventually depending on how they perform side by side.
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    Dahua Starlight Mini-Dome 3.6mm (IPC-HDB4231C-AS)

    I've asked Andy from Empire if he can get some of these in stock, and he confirmed he's booked an order, so hopefully I'll get my hands on one in the near future.
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    Dahua Starlight Varifocal Turret (IPC-HDW5231R-Z)

    I've been looking at the other EXMOR R options and in the ultra-smart range and I noticed the IPC-HDBW8231E-Zdome, which is very similar apart from having 140db dynamic range and a marginally better (0.005Lux) min illumination. What confused me was there's also an ultra-smart 3MP...
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    Dahua Starlight Varifocal Turret (IPC-HDW5231R-Z)

    Thanks for all the great info guys. Couple of little questions before pulling the trigger... Does the aperture stay at f1.4 throughout the whole zoom range? I know in photography it's common for it to narrow (less light collected) the more you are zoomed. What's the in-built mic like? In...