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    Help setting up triggers for first time

    Just downloaded BI and set up my first camera. I'm experimenting with motion detection and would like your guidance. I really love the software but it's a bit overwhelming at first. I'm sure I'll get more comfortable as time goes on. Are there some recommend settings for object size, contrast...
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    Video URLs

    Are there any URLs that would play a video alert. I was thinking of including the URL in an email alert so I can just click on it and it would take me straight the video.
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    Email HTML Formating

    I'm creating some notification emails. Can HTML code be used in the email feature? I'm trying to format the font size but am having trouble.
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    PC drives

    I've just ordered a PC that I'm going to use to run CCTV SW. Maybe blue iris. I was wondering people's advice on the best drive for constant writing the video files. I also wondered if it would have a benefit to have 2 drives. One for the CCTV software and the other dedicated for the recorded...
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    Hardware and software recommendations

    Just bought my first Cam. Got a 4mp Dahua turret powered over ethernet. Now I need to decide on a software and a hardware platform to run it on. What do you guys recommend. I'd quite like a PC platform that is silent as it will be in my office next me. I will have a total of 6 cams of the...
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    Which Dahua and Where to buy

    I am going to buy my first cam. I've decided to go for Dahua for my first. I want a turret style cam with PoE preferably metal construction. I would like high quality image and very good night capability. A field of view of 90 to 100 degrees is fine. I am in the UK. Could I ask: 1. which...
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    BI on Rpi?

    Is it possible to run BI on an RPI? If so could someone point me in the right direction for instructions. Many thanks