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  1. djernie

    Coons stealing my bananas

    Never thought your pump pvc pipe would be used by the raccoons as a balance beam to eat some bananas. Time to place some grease on that pipe.
  2. djernie

    LPR Doesn't Only Capture Plates :-)

    For the next picture, could i have you sit on the skateboard facing me......................
  3. djernie

    I tip my hat to these guys and girls

    Good video!
  4. djernie

    Is their better at a reasonable budget ?

    I painted the back of my fence black to absorb the light and it worked perfect.
  5. djernie

    Police chase in my neighborhood

    They caught the jerk.
  6. djernie

    REVIEW: Budget 4MP Turret Comparison - IPC-T2431T-AS vs Chinese HDW4433C-A

    I have never had a camera tampered with, screw or plastic.
  7. djernie

    Epoe trench 750ft long

    Hope they caught the jerks..............!
  8. djernie

    Police chase in my neighborhood

    I have not posted in a while, due to helping a family member who had a stroke. It's been pretty quiet around my house for a while and i am glad for that. But today there was some action. I am sure this idiot was caught, because they never get away. Stay safe all.
  9. djernie

    Red Stretch Limo

    Ha, just like my place, may as well pull the sign up.
  10. djernie

    A mugging ... before and after

    Good catch, i am glad they were caught.
  11. djernie

    Ring Alarms discounted for Prime Day (2020 Oct 13)

    Simplisafe doesn't have the echo system that ring alarm has. But i am sure it is fine for some people. Just not me.
  12. djernie

    Running Red LIght!

    The fact of the matter is people drive with no regard for other drivers. It's like they get in the car and take off brain dead. Loud ass mufflers, cutting people off, tailgating, running red lights, on the phone. They get in the car and it's like i am entitled to do what ever the hell i want...
  13. djernie

    Neighbhors Car Jack Being Stolen around 0640 hrs Today 11/8/2020

    To bad his head wasn't under that truck when it landed.
  14. djernie

    RIP Alex Trebek

    My mom watched him every day.
  15. djernie

    Ring Alarms discounted for Prime Day (2020 Oct 13)

    It does not have to be connected to the internet, it can be on your intranet. It uses cellular signal to call police dispatch. But the base station and keypads and sensors talk to each other over wifi, so you have to have some type of router set up in your home. In my opinion the ring alarm and...
  16. djernie

    Capacitor verses battery

    I have the viofo a119 v3 with the gps, and i have 4 vantop mirror dash cams. H609, h610, and h612T. The viofo is not the dual model, the vantop cams are dual and i am pleased with them. I have placed the van tops in my cars and my two kids cars, i have posted my accidents with the van top mirror...
  17. djernie

    Running Red LIght!

    I always check intersections as i approach, and here is the reason why. If i had been distracted for one second i would have hit this driver. This driver never looked my way. SMH!
  18. djernie

    Camera recessed into wall

    Good idea and good job.
  19. djernie

    Underwater IP camera on a beaver lodge

    Thanks for sharing, this is awesome.
  20. djernie

    Capacitor verses battery

    i wouldn't give them up all together. Because the day you stop will be the day that idiot driver hits you, and the insurance says you both pay as we can't determine who is at fault. I will never go without a dash cam since they have saved me now twice.
  21. djernie

    Accident 11-2-2020

    Sorry to hear about that man, hard lesson to learn. But at least you know now to just watch that person in front until they leave, then start looking for your chance.
  22. djernie

    Accident 11-2-2020

    Vantop h610 i have two of these, 1 of these h609 and one these h612t. I have them in my cars and a few of my family cars.
  23. djernie

    Car versus Pickup Truck

    I agree with you, which is why i have dash cams in all my family vehicles. And the dash cameras have saved me twice now. I recommend every one get dash cams installed.
  24. djernie

    Run Run Run!

    Lol that was funny.
  25. djernie

    Car broken into AGAIN!!!!

    I have the 2nd gen ring alarm system with the motion sensor in my vehicle as well. Can't beat it in my opinion. The motion sensors are so flexible and yo can have alexa do practically whatever you want once the motion is detected. All this for 100 dollars a year.
  26. djernie

    Huge security hole in Apple iOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate updating my iphone but i did it this time, and it came with a lot of other crap i didn't want.:mad:
  27. djernie

    Accident 11-2-2020

    Update, his insurance contacted me and i told them i wasn't driving it was my girlfriend and i am calling for her because she is a nurse and is unreachable due to working with covid patients. They said "well we need her to call and give a statement" I said well could you give me information...
  28. djernie

    Accident 11-2-2020

    All is good, and yes he was vaping, and impatient. There was no merging lane at this intersection, and the traffic was moving fast. I will keep you all posted on the outcome.
  29. djernie

    Accident 11-2-2020

    There should be a merge lane.