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  1. djernie

    Police chase in my neighborhood

    I have not posted in a while, due to helping a family member who had a stroke. It's been pretty quiet around my house for a while and i am glad for that. But today there was some action. I am sure this idiot was caught, because they never get away. Stay safe all.
  2. djernie

    Running Red LIght!

    I always check intersections as i approach, and here is the reason why. If i had been distracted for one second i would have hit this driver. This driver never looked my way. SMH!
  3. djernie

    Accident 11-2-2020

    Remember to always check for the car in front of you when turning on a red light. A car hit me today because he thought i had taken off from the red light while turning on Red. I always tell people do not start looking to make your turn until the guy in front of you has already taken off. Drive...
  4. djernie

    Wrong way driver!

    Bars open to 50% today and coming home pulling into my neighborhood we encounter a wrong way driver SMH. I hope they just turned on the wrong side and are not intoxicated. Drive defensively and always expect the unexpected from other drivers.
  5. djernie

    Caught door checkers in the act!

    I was alerted to movement in front of my home from my motion sensor driveway monitors from Harbor Freight. So i check my cameras and i see the door checkers. So i go outside to yell at the one checking neighbors car door. And he runs off. Can you give the...
  6. djernie

    Beta water on my street.

    Beta water after 2 hours of non stop rain in my neighborhood. They see the water yet people still try to drive through.
  7. djernie

    How many can you fit on an ATV?

    I wouldn't do this. I hope they don't get hurt, it's all fun until then.
  8. djernie

    Door knockers!

    These kids talked one of their friends into knocking on my neighbors door and riding off. There is no harm in this, i did it when i was a kid. I'd rather they do this than break in my car or house..
  9. djernie

    ATV wreckless driving!

    This guy is going to kill someone! I called the police to report him. I am glad the police have been passing by here everyday at different times. To bad it wasn't this time. No music because you have to here his careless driving.
  10. djernie

    100 yard dash?

    Training for Track and Field, or saw zombies?
  11. djernie

    Happy Cat is back!

    I am not sure if he was trying to eat Hunter Heron or play with him.
  12. djernie

    Fedex Delivery

    I am not sure but did she forget her uniform?
  13. djernie

    A good amazon delivery!

    Today's driver did a good job of putting the packages inside the gate. Some drivers leave them outside the gate asking for the packages to be taken.
  14. djernie

    Spay and neuter your pets please.

    If everyone would get their pets spayed and neutered they would not break out and roam these streets all night.
  15. djernie

    You can't cat -ch me.

    The happy cat returns, only to find out he is in the grey cats territory!
  16. djernie

    A distracted driver hits the rear of my vehicle.

    A driver hit the rear of my car today. He was nice about it and apologized, but now i have to take it so his insurance can give estimate and get it to a shop for repair. Front camera Rear camera
  17. djernie

    Dangerous ATV and Motor cycle riders!

    These kids are going to get hurt or killed. At night no helmets and some don't have rear lights. All i can do is pray. They were on the wrong side of the road heading straight towards my car!
  18. djernie

    Amazon driver!

    This driver is willing to lose his packages. See his violations as he drives by.
  19. djernie

    OMG i found a video of my old security cameras.

    This idiot was trying to break into cars on my street. By the time he reached my house some one had already called the police. He actually lived on my street at his grandmother's house. He is in jail now the last i heard. The video was with Qsee dvr and night owl cameras. It was bad quality, but...
  20. djernie

    Did cameras stop him?

    Did this guy see my cameras and change his mind?
  21. djernie

    Hunter Heron dinner.

    Tonight i am not sure what Hunter ate when he stopped by. But i was glad to see him or her anyway.
  22. djernie

    2 workers collecting their coins.

    This morning i saw two workers going through the neighborhood collecting coins in two different ways.
  23. djernie

    21 Hilarious Moments Caught On Security Cameras

    I cried on a few of these. Which one made you cry?
  24. djernie

    Bad weather and bad drivers!

    Drivers behaving bad on my 2 hour drive today.
  25. djernie

    Which Style/Type of Security Camera Should I Buy?

    Good information on type of cameras.
  26. djernie

    Which Security Camera Lens Size Should I Buy?

    Good video for newbies.
  27. djernie

    Hunter Heron protects territory.

    Hunter Heron always hunts at my house, but last night i thought it was him but then another Heron comes along and runs the first one away. So that means Hunter Heron was the second Heron not the first one. SMH
  28. djernie

    Kitten comes to play or hunt?

    I don't have cats so i don't know their behavior. It's the first time i have seen this cat around here. Looks like he is having the time of his life.
  29. djernie

    Sparks fly! Dangerous driver.

    Another speeder on my street who is going to kill someone! Appears to be a 2016 chevrolet malibu.
  30. djernie

    Drive by eviction!

    Today she had to chase him down to throw him out. All i can do is pray. Thank god there was no car accident.