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    Realtek windows 7 drivers

    I debated on if I should post this or not but I'm thinking, why not: I updated my win7 BI v4 pc to the latest realtek win7 Ethernet drivers and I'd swear my CPU usage dropped big time. I really don't get it and don't have any good before/after numbers, just viewing on 'Windows Task Manager'...
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    CPU increase after last update

    Anyone else have their CPU increase after the last update ( x64)? I was running at 30-40% and now I'm at 80-100% CPU.
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    Free internet address for blue iris - remote mobile use

    I went through the remote setup for Blue Iris and have it working with my remote IP address. On the last page they list of the remote setup stuff there was a web address that is included with my BI license so I don't have to use a dynamic dns service but I didn't write it down. I know it said...
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    2mp Camera with fuzzy right side

    I have an Empire/Dahua 2.1mp bullet that is several years old that has a fuzzy right side of the picture. I unscrewed the outer glass lens cover/metal housing 180 degrees and the fuzzy image was still on the right side so it's not something on the outer glass lens cover. I'm wondering if any...