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    Typical Dahua cameras failures?

    I have eight bought at various times since before 2014, I'm not sure how long, and have not had one fail. Having said that one of the original ones doesn't seem to have as sharp a picture as it did when new. In a way I wish they didn't last as long as they have so I can justify a new one or...
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    Fire breaks out a EV Charging station

    Interesting, my wife has a MDX so I know what you mean about the lines on the road, etc. That's part of why I just don't see how we will get driverless any time soon around here anyway. The 3.5 does probably make since, I don't tow the boat much these days. I love having my truck in the...
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    Fire breaks out a EV Charging station

    I always said I would get a new F150 when they had the self driving features (figuring it was 5 years off) and then they come up with that (as an add on, what next year) but I think I'll was a year to let them get more bugs worked out of the whole new model. Plus, I just don't put on many miles...
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    South Texas

    Ya, that's nothing, plus we have less than zero degrees here!
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    Wind turbine - lightning strike

    Ya, the cranes they use are pretty wild. I live in an area where there are hundreds of turbines near me, and growing daily.
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    Fire breaks out a EV Charging station

    Wow, that is wild! It might not help much but if this starts happening a lot they might have to put a fire control system in those things. Oh, and around there EV's run on coal.
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    Wind turbine - lightning strike

    Wow, I wonder what damage it did to the windmill.
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    New Camera New Capture.

    That's what I was thinking, driving that thing on those streets is recipe for disaster.
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    Watch out, dangerous streets.

    That's crazy, look like you need a longer deer hunting season around there, LOL!
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    Yet another litterer - Police paying him a visit thanks to ALPR

    One problem is, the mentally ill, once the courts said that mentally ill is an excuse, which it is, we ended up with a lot more people that are mentally ill, LOL!
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    Local masked bandits strike again!

    We have raccoons like crazy around here too.
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    NVR vs Blue Iris

    I've never really checked. It looks like they do sell on ebay. GoodBytes Computer Recycling Store — Goodwill Omaha They're on ebay under goodbytes but it looks like there's not much there compared to their store.
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    NVR vs Blue Iris

    Around here that is a goodwill computer specialty store, companies donate PC's, are those stores not in other areas of the country? No need for me to use EBAY. They print out a spec sheet for each PC and tape it to the case so you know what you are getting.
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    Almost a deer vs. vehicle early morning

    Get this, a woman from my home town hit a deer coming home from the car repair place that fixed her car from hitting another deer. This is a true story.
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    2 Thieves in 6 months: IP Cam Recommendations

    Raise the fence higher, a little more, if it's steel they can weld another section on top.
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    My first capture post! Petty and Political...

    I've been thinking about the same thing, The only thing I can think of is a fake bird house or a landscape light (fake).
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Just wear a mask, that's what any real doctor will tell you.
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    Dahua camera dead this morning. Seeking suggestons.

    Ya, that's what I was going to say. You could also try contact cleaning spray, it works well if the possible corrosion is not really bad.
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    A bad robbery at HONGKONG Jewelry Shop

    There is a bunch of youtubes from a convicted hard core jewelry store burglar. One thing that he said that the store owner/s don't really care if they get robbed from the financial standpoint because they are all insured, it's like they sold all there most expensive stuff in one day.
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    What causes my Dahua cams to broadcast their presence on a private network?

    I have to run my Dahua camera's on a separate subnet because they have some IP conflict with Windows media center extenters! I looked at wireshark and everything and couldn't figure it out. I would isolate them and then port forward.
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    Raspberry Pi Users Unite: What are you using your Raspberry Pi Devices For?

    Pi zero - Dakboard (free ver) Pi 2 - pihole Pi 3b+ - Mozilla MySensor Webthings gateway another Pi 3b+ - haven't decided yet -
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    Garden Pictures

    Well, misc type of lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes for vegi's. I have a couple of other areas with more tomatoes and cucumbers. In the background is the flowers.
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    Garden Pictures

    Here's mine:
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    This is how accidents happen!

    Youtube, that's exactly what I was thinking. Until youtube restricts stuff like this it's going to happen.
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    Blueiris 5 memory leak

    A memory leak is a bug, it could be in the OS or the application or even in the compiler or any combination, but a memory leak is a bug I can assure you. Anyone who writes code will tell you that, period, end of story. If a given config causes a memory leak, that's a bug, period, end of story.
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    Blueiris 5 memory leak

    Wow, that's great work figuring out that it's a disk space usage bug!
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    Blue Iris/Plex/NAS build

    I would go to my local PC store and ask them: Do you have any old HP cases around, I want to transfer the motherboard from an SFF HP PC into a bigger case so I can add hard drives. I just did that for a used pc build but went the other way, I transferred a HP motherboard from a larger case...
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    Please help! I have no idea what I’m doing!

    FWIW: I didn't read all these replies so this might have been said but the real work is the wiring, and how much work the wiring is depends on the construction of the building. If you use D or K stuff, there's a ton of help articles/videos, you can do that part, the wiring might be an issue.
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    4MP Budget Cam Black Friday Giveaway

    Wow nice! I would install on the NE corner of the house, I'm really missing coverage there!
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    Blue Iris Multi-Threading

    In Windows 7, resource monitor, it shows 80-90 threads being used by BI v4. I have eight camera's running, a couple at very low fps. Anyway, that shows how many threads are running so I would think that the workload would be spread across all cpu's/threads about equally.