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  1. flynreelow

    Sighthound Video 6 Info....

    From the CEO.. Check it out... Where is Sighthound Video 6?
  2. flynreelow

    Best place to buy WD Purple

    The title says it all, any current "Hot Deals" on WD purple drives? Let me know what your rockin in your NVR? 2TB, 4TB, 6TB???
  3. flynreelow

    WTS Perfect Dell PC for Blue Iris (Optiplex 7040)

    Bought this for a client, but he decided to go a different direction. 3 yr warranty through dell. This is a factory refurbished, but looks brand new, (havent even turned it on) Dell Small Form Factor (SFF) Optiplex 7040. i5 6500 8 gigs of ram 256 Dell SSD room for another hard drive...
  4. flynreelow

    DS-2CD2332-I (Old Firmware)

    Hey Guys, Hope you can help. For the life of me, I can't this camera to take any new firmware. I am stuck with the ancient V5.2.0 build 140721. Anything I try through the updater, fails. I was told this was a legit hikvision, but looking at the serial number is shows ****CCCH**** I thought I...
  5. flynreelow

    dell promo gift cards

    I have about 800 in Dell Promo Gift cards I need to use within the month. Looking for a nice BI machine on the dell website sucks. Their site is terrible. Wondering if anyone can prove good links to a system that would run 4 5231 turrets. Thanks!
  6. flynreelow

    Blue Iris, Surveillance Station 8, etc

    I know this forum gets a lot of love for Blue Iris (never used it, but have heard great things) Im wondering if anyone used the new Surveillance Station 8 from Synology. Is this a "solution" Seems nice to get everything configured using only a NAS, as opposed to a full windows PC. Im sure there...
  7. flynreelow

    this might be a stupid question.. but.....

    I have a client looking into new IP cameras for his property. I think I am already going to set him up with some IPC-HDW5231R-Z (Vari-focal Turret) and IPC-HFW5231E-Z (Varifical Bullet) I have now come across the DAHUA SDZW2030S-N that has the 30x optical zoom. My question is the optical zoom...