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    gdmss plus IVS no pictures in push notifications

    I get "Failed to download picture" error when I open a notification. Any idea how to fix this? I'd like to see a picture before I decide whether I want to see the recording or not.
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    4x Dahua cameras, NVR, Mounts, POE switch for sale

    I have four cameras and NVR I'm looking to sell 1) IPC-HDW5442TM-AS (IPC-T5442TM-AS) 2.8mm (used, excellent) 2) IPC-HFW1831E 4.0mm (used, excellent) 3) IPC-HFW5231E-Z5E 7~35mm motorized (used, excellent) 4) IPC-HDW2531T-AS-S2 3.6mm (originally Amcrest IP5M-T1179EW, flashed with dahua FW, like...
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    6-port POE+ FE switch NEW $30 shipped

    60W total budget 4 poe+ ports 2 uplink ports Fast ethernet (100Mb)
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    How to set up IVS rules so it records while condition is true and not post-N seconds after an event?

    I want to record all time when someone is in the region, and not only 10 seconds after he or she enters the region. For example, if I enter the designated region and stay there talking with someone it will stop recording after 10 seconds, I dont want that to happen. I want the NVR to record all...
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    Can Dahua automatically fall back to local SD recording?

    I have my Dahua IPC configured to write to a NAS using NFS share, so wondering I should put an SD card in. Can it utilize it as a buffer or fall back to SD card in case of any network issues and then upload to NAS once the network connectivity is restored?
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    What is the cheapest PTZ camera with auto tracking?

    is there anything below $300?
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    How to get SMB NAS recording working?

    I just noticed my Dahua supports both Samba and NFS I had it configured to use NFS but it results in jerky videos and frames missing. So I was thinking may be SMB will perform better but can't make it to work, any ideas how to set it up? The parameters look self-explanatory but It does not work
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    Multiple motion detection tiers?

    Is there a way to set up multiple triggers with separate "tags" or something and then filter out by tags when searching through recording. Example scenario: I have less significant area and more significant area to watch after, so I'd like to be able to record both but then review only events...
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    SmartPSS latest version date picker is broken

    How to report this to dauha? I'm using version
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    Where this button record to?

    I thought it will use storage settings but it didn't Where did it record the file? This is on Live page in Internet explorer with ActiveX component installed
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    IPC-T5442TM-AS overexposured image on default settings

    Has anyone played with the settings to fix this? Default image simply looks too bright
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    IPC-HFW1831E broken image

    Just installed this camera and the image is broken. The timestamp on the image jumps back and forth randomly, some objects freeze while other moves. When I open the RSTP stream with (rtsp://admin:password@ I see image like below: tried to...
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    smart pss on a 4k screen

    Does anyone know how to make this software usable on a 4k monitor? all the controls are too small Maybe there is an alternative program to playback .dav files?
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    Dahua IVS question

    I'm trying to use Intrusion rule to trigger a motion detection event when someone is in the area (moving/standing or doing anything). Here is my current setup: The problem is that the recording stops not after a person leave the area but sometimes earlier. How do I set this up properly?
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    Upload a snapshot to Azure blob on event?

    Is it possible to have Dahua camera to upload the snapshot when an event is triggered? I'm trying to use Microsoft cognitive services to recognize dogs.
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    Cloud Image recognition options

    Has anyone tried to set up an image recognition using cloud services, in particular Microsoft Azure? Image Processing with the Computer Vision API | Microsoft Azure I'd like to identify dogs on my yard, as I'm after a neighbor who does not pick up the poop.
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    A message to Dahua

    If their reps are reading this, Please release a turret cam with 4K@30fps and 1/1.8" sensor I will buy one. Thanks
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    Do I need a junction box for a bullet camera, if I want to wire it outside

    Looking at IPC-HFW1831E and trying to understand if there is a channel to route the cable sideways, like in the turret cameras. It will be mounted on the ceiling and I must attach the wiring to the ceiling from the outside, can not drill though.
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    Can blue iris detect a dog taking a dump?

    I'm installing cameras for the primary reason to identify a neighbor who doesn't pick up the poop. Any advice appreciated.
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    Please help me decide Dahua or Hikvision

    Hi all. What would you pick if the price was the same? 1) Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z 2) Hikvision DS-2CD4526FWD-IZH What are pros and cons of each? Hikvision seem to has better specs but I read somewhere that they are not directly comparable because measured in different conditions and Hikvision is...